Beat the Backlist Hogwarts Mini Challenge


Are you someone who likes a bit of friendly competition with your reading challenges? We are! And to make things a bit more interesting this coming year, we’re setting the four Hogwarts houses against each other to see who will come out on top for the House Cup!

The challenge will include a points system as well as special Pottermore-style names.

Already know you want to sign up? CLICK HERE (or scroll to the end of the page)!

During this mini challenge, you can declare what house you will be reading for and by completing any of the tasks below, you can earn points for your house.

At the end of each month starting at the end of January, we will display a cup for the house currently in the lead in the sidebar with which month they won.


This is just for a little extra fun and depending on how things go we may host a few house-themed giveaways to go along with it.


In order for us to declare a winner of the cup each month, you need to be able to earn points!

[table style=”text-transform: none; font-size: 20px; align:left; font-family:Questrial,Arial” width=”100%” colwidth=”150|200|150″ colalign=”center|center|center”]

Post challenge TBR/goals,Post the books or how many you want to read for the challenge on your blog or Goodreads (Note: simply adding your blog URL to the link-up does not count for this – see example here) – YOU NEED TO HAVE A SHELF OR BLOG POST BEFORE JOINING THIS MINI CHALLENGE,20 points (this may only be earned once)

Read 10 pages,For every 10 pages read of a backlist title you earn points. Make sure to record your reading progress on Goodreads!,1 point (per 10 pages)

Write a review,Post your review of a backlist title on your blog or Goodreads (you can only get points for one of these),50 points

Cross-post a review to a retail website,Post your review on Amazon; Barnes & Noble; etc. (Goodreads does NOT count as a retail site),15 points (per posting)

Complete a reading scavenger hunt,Finish all prompts for one of the reading scavenger hunts to earn the bonus points,XXX points (varies by hunt)

Monthly instagram challenge,Post a picture on instagram for each day’s prompt of the monthly challenge,10 points per picture (bonus 50 for posting the entire week)


There may be other opportunities to earn points during Twitter chats, random hashtag days, and other small events to be announced throughout the year.


When you sign up for the Hogwarts mini challenge, you’ll receive a randomized challenge ID name that you can use to submit books and reviews for points once the challenge starts.

If you’ve already signed up you can see your name here.

I update that list every few days so if you don’t see your name right away DON’T PANIC. I will add it.

Starting in 2017 there will be a form that you can save/bookmark to add your reading progress. Please note that you’ll need some type of confirmation so whether it’s a blog post talking about what you read each week/month or a link to your Goodreads “review” of the book, etc.

Points will reset every month to give all houses a chance to win the cup for the next month; however we WILL be keeping a total count of points, however, as well as how many points each person has earned for the end of the year celebration!


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Note: this is separate from the link-up for the challenge