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self2I have it on good authority that when you read a book, part of your soul is trapped within the pages. In which case I have over a thousand horcruxes and will never die so you will all have to suffer my presence for eternity.

You can call me Austine (though if you have any other suggestions shoot me a message). I’m a twenty-something college grad with an unnatural obsession with dead trees. Which is odd because I have a degree in wildlife science so I should probably care about the environment more…

I’ve reviewed books since 2011 on a number of sites before settling down with NovelKnight, my heart and soul (yes, this blog is a horcrux too). My literary questing sends me to battle dragons and save princesses (and the occasional prince) and find a happily ever after.

It’s a work in progress.

If it’s mystical I’ve probably read it (or plan to, hard to tell with my TBR pile). I’m a sucker for nail-biting action and starry-eyed romances. And dragons. A book has dragons? GIMME. For a full list of my favorite genres, click here.

Pretty sure I’m actually just Mushu in human form.

To the important things in life:

I’m a Slytherin Horned Serpent (and proud!). I have both a Nook and a Kindle but prefer physical books. Everything’s better as a series (with the exception of The Night Circus and Uprooted because they’re fabulous). If you dog-ear my books I will find you. Monster reads are preferable to something short and sweet, but both have their perks. And if it’s packed with action and a starry-eyed romance? Hell yeah!

I also am on a couple street teams for some amazing books!



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