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Thank you for stopping by NovelKnight! Please read over the information below before making inquiries regarding book reviews, author interviews, guest posts, or giveaways.

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I am currently NOT accepting review requests.

Once you have read the Review Policy, please use the form at the bottom of this page to submit your request. Any questions may be directed to us via email.


Reviews on NovelKnight

Reviews are automatically posted to Goodreads and cross-posted to Amazon and Barnes & Noble when reviewing becomes available for a title. I will post the review on other retail websites if requested, or if specified during a tour or galley request.

Books sent unsolicited (i.e. without an official request via the form or email) are up to my discretion whether or not we review them. Please keep that in mind and if you are seeking a review, use the form upon reading this policy.

ARC/Early reader reviews will not appear until 30 days before the release date (the exact time will depend on how far in advance the book is received).

I do try to review books in a timely manner, however I do not guarantee a review, or one of a certain rating if a review is posted. If you are requesting a review for a tour or another time-sensitive event, please let me know and I will try to accommodate that if your request is approved and my schedule allows it.

Books that receive a rating below a blog tour cut-off (generally lower than 3-stars but it can sometimes be below 4-stars) will still be posted but not until the blog tour has ended.


Reviewer Information



Accepted Formats: print (preferred) & eBook (Kindle .mobi) 


I enjoy strong protagonists, devilish antagonists, whirlwind adventures, steamy romances, and anything out-of-this-world.

I read both young adult (YA) and adult in the following genres:

  • fantasy (YA/adult)
  • romance
    • paranormal (YA/adult)
    • historical/regency (adult only)
    • contemporary (adult only)
      • this does not include romantic suspense set in a contemporary setting
  • urban fantasy (YA/adult)
  • science fiction (YA/adult)
  • steampunk (YA/adult)

I do NOT accept the following genres for review:

  • YA contemporary
  • non-fiction
  • erotica
  • religious fiction
  • horror/thriller*
    • may make an exception if the title is young adult, depending on the book

In person, I am both brutally honest and quite sarcastic. Therefore my reviews may reflect the same traits. All reviews are solely my opinion and are written to the readers of the books less so than the writer. Any comments I make, jokingly or otherwise, are in no way a remark about the author. I’m reviewing the book, not the person at the keyboard.

My reviews are written as a reader to other readers. I will publish a review regardless of the rating.*

*If the book review is a part of a book tour and I rate the title below 3 stars, I will wait to publish the review until after the tour. In this case, I will contact either you or the tour host to receive an alternative posting for the scheduled tour date.


Promotional Features

If you are interested in participating in an author interview or writing a guest post for NovelKnight, please contact me via email. Interviews do not require the provision of a book as all questions are standard across all authors. Guest posts may be on any topic in relation to books or writing.



NovelKnight will host giveaways but will not pay for or ship any prizes from a third party sponsor. You may decide the prizes and forms of entry available to readers (follows on social media, email subscriptions, etc.) or you may default to the blog standard which includes options to follow/like the author on any social media platform available as well as additional promotion through tweeting and sharing. All giveaways hosted on NovelKnight (i.e. not a part of a tour or blitz from another website) include a free entry in accordance with FTC guidelines.

You, as the sponsor, are required to supply the giveaway prize(s) and shipping to the winner(s). I will contact you upon the completion of the giveaway with the winner’s contact information and thereby pass on all giveaway responsibilities from that point onward to you as the sponsor.


FTC Disclosure

In accordance with FTC guidelines, I receive no compensation for the reviews or any promotional content that I post. Books are from my own personal library (i.e. purchases, gifts, etc.), the public library, authors and publishers, or websites such as NetGalley and Edelweiss. All reviews list the source of the book and a disclaimer if the review was from a request.

Thank you for considering NovelKnight!


NovelKnight Book Reviews is not accepting any review requests at this time.