Beat the Backlist 2017 Reading Scavenger Hunts

Want to challenge your TBR? Earn your house extra points? Try one of the BTB Scavenger Hunts! This year’s hunts focus on Harry Potter, his best friends, and his seven years at Hogwarts!

As with all aspects of this challenge, these are optional and simply meant to make things a bit more interesting for the coming year. You can start a hunt at any time.

How It Works

Each hunt has prompts increasing in number based on the difficulty of the hunt. In order to get the bonus points for completing a scavenger hunt, you must complete ALL prompts.

To complete a prompt, simply read a book that fits it. You can interpret the prompts however you wish. Some are more specific than others.


PROMPT: A book about dragons



You can only count a book once for ALL hunts (i.e. if you use Eragon for one of the hunts, you can’t use it for any of the others).

You will still get all the house points for reading (and reviewing) any titles for these scavenger hunts.

Each reading scavenger hunt will have a SEPARATE form from the main challenge. These will appear at the start of the challenge and allow you to add which books you read for each prompt into the appropriate field.

You may only submit points for a scavenger hunt ONE TIME EACH. This means you can’t keep doing the same hunt over and over again for points.


The Hunts

There are 4 hunts total that you can complete, each increasing in difficulty. The more difficult, however, the more bonus points you receive for your house by completing them.

Click each title below to see the prompts for each hunt

Harry’s Trunk
5 books

This challenge features things that accompanied Harry through his years at school.

The Weasleys
9 books

Get to know the Weasleys with this hunt, featuring each member of the family.

Hermione’s Library
26 books

Because Hermione is so well-read, you should be too; let’s start with the alphabet.

Seven Years at Hogwarts
42 books

Journey with Harry, Ron, and Hermione through the years by reading based on prompts for each book.