Beat the Backlist – What Counts for Points?

We have received a LOT of questions about what does and doesn’t count. As a reminder, this is a completely optional mini challenge with imaginary points so please don’t stress over this. Below is a list of what does and doesn’t count for parts of the challenge as well as information on reading in another language and how that factors in. Please reference this page before submitting a question. Thanks!

For Pages/Reviews

REMINDER: Reviews must be 250 words to count for the 50 points. Reviews of any length count for retail reviews.


Mangas/light novels
Picture books
Serial novels
Stage/screen plays

Books reprinted/translated in 2017 but originally published in 2016 or earlier

Re-reads of any type of book mentioned above

DNFs of any type of book mentioned above

All formats (print, electronic/eBook, audiobook) count


Doesn’t Count

Short stories


For Scavenger Hunts

All acceptable books mentioned above count toward the reading scavenger hunts. You may only use a book once per prompt per hunt.

Example: You used Eragon for the letter “E” of the Hermione’s Library hunt. You may not use Eragon for ANY other hunt.

What if I’m reading a book in a language other than English?
While the majority of our participants are reading titles in English, if you are not, you may count books toward any of the scavenger hunts either in your native language or using the English equivalent (this pertains specifically to the alphabet hunt, Hermione’s Library, but may apply to any of the other hunts as well).