Top Ten Reasons I Love Both Physical Books and eReaders

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TTTThis week’s prompt was Top Ten Reasons I Love XXX so I decided to talk about both physical books and eReaders, both of which I love. It’s also been a standing debate between my mother and me, so for anyone who can’t decide what to use, here’s reasons to love both.



Physical Books

  1. They’re memory catchers. Have you ever re-read a book and all those feelings and memories you had when you first read it come flooding back? You can see the wear and tear on the covers from love. Everything just sticks between those pages.
  2. Beautiful spines, beautiful bookshelves. You can’t have gorgeous-looking bookshelves without plenty of amazing books to fill them up.
  3. The nostalgic feeling. When I first discovered a love for reading, it was with a book in hand. As a teen, I received my first eReader, the first generation Nook, and while it was nice, it didn’t have the same impact as reading a physical copy (I’ve since gotten past that over the years but at the time, it wasn’t a preferred option in the least).
  4. The battery will never die. Books don’t have batteries, therefore they can’t die. Enough said.
  5. Physical books means using bookmarks. I’m obsessed with cool bookmarks. I have way more than books I could ever be reading at once. And without a book in hand, they just sit collecting dust in a cup on a shelf. And isn’t that such a waste?



  1. Convenience is key. Have a flight across the country? Take 200 books with you without weighing your bag down. Staying at a friend’s? A slim Nook fits right in your bag, taking up next to no space. Shopping around town? Slip that Kindle in your purse.
  2. Reading at night made easy. Who needs a flashlight when you have a backlight, perfect to adjust for your preference. As someone who used any light source to read by throughout elementary school (including a light-up pen), this is a big one.
  3. Books at the touch of a finger. Want to read the sequel? You don’t have to go down to the bookstore and buy it when it’s available at the click of a button. Your favorite author released a new book today and you can’t wait the two-day shipping? Now you don’t have to!
  4. Environmentally friendly. No paper? No cutting down trees.
  5. Automatic bookmark. Never lose your place again because your bookmark can’t fall out of the book. It’s automatically saved. Plus, for reviewers, you can make notes right in the text without actually writing in a book (some people like this, some don’t, so it works for both!).


What kind of a reader are you? Physical book or eReader? Or both?

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8 responses to “Top Ten Reasons I Love Both Physical Books and eReaders

  1. This is a great post! There’s often a lot of hate towards ereaders but I personally love my Kindle. I will always prefer physical books but it’s also nice having an ereader as it’s light and it holds loads of books which makes travelling so much easier! 🙂

    • Agreed! When I went to Florida for a week earlier this year I couldn’t take a bunch of books but I had my Nook and Kindle (I have a tendency to put different books on each depending on the deals lol). They’re very convenient but it’s also nice having the physical book when you can. And who says you can’t have both? 🙂

    • I’ve found the same. My mother and I are both avid readers but her eyesight has caused her to use reading glasses so she prefers eReaders now since you can change the font size. I love using them but after a while they hurt my eyes. But they’re perfect for reading late at night, just like physical books are good in the sunlight since they don’t glare! So many advantages to both 🙂