That Time I Tried to Stick to a Few Resolutions (2018 Edition)

POSTED ON December 28, 2017 BY Austine IN General

I’m horrid at sticking to my bookish resolutions. Something always comes up that makes it near impossible to do everything I wanted to do in the year and then feel like a failure which, you know, is terrible for personal motivation.

But once again I have a TON of things I want to attempt to do in the new year and I have no clue if I’ll actually accomplish them or not but here’s a record of them. Perhaps I’ll cross them off as I go as a sort of challenge for myself. Maybe not. I haven’t decided!

So. . . the 2018 bookish resolutions/goals for NovelKnight. . .

(Sorry, y’all, this is going to be a long one!)



Oh goodness, I always aim too high with my reading goals and this past year was no different. I started out with a Goodreads goal of 365 books. Then stuff happened. Switched the goal to 200 and ended up reading over 250 which is great but may or may not be feasible this coming year so I’m keeping that in mind with my new goals and resolutions.

  • Read at least 120 books. That’s only 10 books a month which is usually nothing for me when I have the time so I think I can manage that!
  • At least 50% of what I read are backlist titles. Considering I’m hosting the Beat the Backlist reading challenge, I feel like I should be making a solid attempt to read more backlist books too so that’s the plan. I was going to put a number to it but didn’t want to feel like a failure if I didn’t read 120 books in the year and 60 of those were backlist, that sort of thing. Wanted it to be more flexible.
  • Read 10 graphic novels. I’m starting to get into these more and read a few this past year so I want to read at least 10 in the new year.
  • Read 5 contemporary novels (NOT romances)I’ve found that I enjoy adult contemporary romances but generally don’t like contemporaries of any other kind. But I want to push past my reading comfort zone this year starting with reading more in this genre.
  • Read 3 books in genres that I don’t usually read. I read a LOT of fantasy and romance and little of anything else. This coming year I want to break past that and read a few books beyond my usual go-to’s.


  • Comment (back) on at least 100 blogs. I am TERRIBLE about commenting back or going to other blogs to comment in the first place. Or I read a post and I don’t comment afterward. This year I’m participating in the Commenting 365 Challenge so I hope to comment on even more than 100 blogs but I’m going to set my personal goal lower for now.
  • Schedule posts at least 3 days in advance. I’m always prepping posts at the last minute or posting them live and it’s a bit stressful. I can’t really afford to do that next year, at least for the first few months, so I want to attempt to schedule all my posts in advance.
  • Post discussion posts 2X a month. I enjoy writing discussions but don’t always know what I want to talk about so I’ve started a list and I want to try and write posts from it at least a couple times a month.
  • Share monthly wrap-ups. I love the idea of monthly wrap-ups but tend to have stuff going on and don’t think about it. This kind of goes along with scheduling posts in advance, which I think will make wrap-ups easier to do.
  • Participate in at least 2 weekly/monthly blog memes. I’ve gone back and forth on this. I used to do Top Ten Tuesdays and Waiting on Wednesdays and I’m not sure if I still want to do either of those or not because those posts just don’t have as much substance for me compared to my others so I may look for other book blog memes to participate in. One I’ll definitely be doing is State of the ARC (my first post goes live soon!).
  • Use my own photos as the featured post photo. Right now I generally use the book cover or occasionally the author photo for the featured image. But I want to transition to using my own photos for those images and anything else I can.
  • Pick a theme and stay with it. I am SO bad about changing the blog theme every few months. I get bored or don’t like something and find something better, and so on. Well, in the last couple months I found a theme I ADORE that’s a bit more modern than the standard “blog” layout but it needs large images to really work well (hence the previous bullet) and I’d like to move to it for good by the end of the year.
  • Email reviews to publishers within 2 days of the post going live. I’ve been dreadful about sending in my reviews. I write it. I post it. I forget to email it. >.< But this year I want to keep track of it better, maybe record stuff in my blog planner of when to email reviews in, etc.

Social Media


  • Schedule content in advance. Social media stresses me out way more than it should so I’d like to schedule out content and queue posts so I don’t have to think about it as much.
  • Be active on all the NovelKnight social media pages. There are a lot. I have a blog account for just about every platform, or I share a personal account with the blog (Twitter, Pinterest). But it’s not worth having them if I can’t stay active, right? I want to respond to comments and share more content beyond my own and spread more book love!


I have too many for just instagram stuff so it needs its own section!

  • Post at least 5X a week. I want to be more active and instead I end up posting a lot or not at all which isn’t helpful at all. I figure posting almost every day of the week is a good starting goal because it gives me a couple days off if I need them and I can prep 5 photos ahead of time.
  •  I have this (bad) habit of snapping photos 5 minutes before posting them to my account because I don’t prep in advance due to a number of reasons that aren’t very good excuses anymore. So. It’s on the list!
  • Practice (bookish) photography to get better. This is a bit more abstract and all but I really want to get better at photography, both for instagram and just in general. That means practice and I think I can do it, check out some tutorials, that sort of thing. I’d love to move beyond snapping quick photos with my phone and use my DSLR more (I have it, I should really start using it. . . )
  • Complete at least 2 bookstagram challenges. I’m hosting one for Beat the Backlist that’s on every Thursday but I want to tackle at least one other challenge. I was doing the #SignedBookSundays challenge for a while this past year and then started to forget each week so I might try picking that up again, or maybe do a monthly challenge

Goodness that’s a long list. Well. We shall see how all of that goes!

What are some of your bookish resolutions/goals for the new year?

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7 responses to “That Time I Tried to Stick to a Few Resolutions (2018 Edition)

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of goals! I think they’re all great, though, and a lot of them will work together, which I think will make it easier. I find that the memes I participate in can usually be done ahead of time or in batches, so that makes planning ahead easier. I like your goals of reading outside your comfort zone. We all have our favorite genres, but it’s nice to see what else is out there, too! Good luck!

  2. Good luck. Scheduling on the blog has been such a life saver for my blog and the reason why it is still going. I’m working on January, slowling moving to February at the moment and it feels so good not having to think on posting last minute. The downside is that I sometimes don’t remember what is going up that day haha.

  3. Kel

    Wow! That’s a lot of resolutions, but they all sound really practical and useful, and even fun! Best of luck, Austine!

  4. You are my heroine, Austine. I was ready for a nap after your reading goals. Good Luck!

    One of my goals is to read more tomes. I read 6 more books this year than last, but over 13,000 fewer pages. Not acceptable. I own larger books so I need to make them a priority.

    As for blogging, I want to review more of the books I read and participate in memes.

    I need to keep an eye out for new posts on my favorite blogs. I missed this post when it went live and only saw it because of your tweet. I want to comment more often so the Commenting 365 Challenge has piqued my interest. Both of which tie into joining discussions. I have strong opinions on some issues in our community but am always late to the party, and everyone has moved on to something else.

    Good luck again, Austine. An impressive list indeed.

    • Aww. And I’m kind of ready for a nap too reading over them again haha!

      Those are great goals! I wanted to comment more too which is exactly why I joined the Commenting 365 challenge. Nori even has a spreadsheet with a TON of blogs to check out which is really cool! I’m definitely with you on wanting to watch for new posts. I thought about reviving my Bloglovin’ page since it shows which posts I have/haven’t read. Not sure if you use Bloglovin’ or not but it might be useful if you don’t!

      Thanks again!!