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nkTTTReading a lot of fantasy is great for exploring other worlds but not so much when picking a singular setting (or even type of setting). But as I’ve read 2 books this summer set in London, I set my eyes on that and found…well, I really haven’t read as many books set in the city as I thought.


Granted, I’ve purposely excluded basically every historical/regency romance I’ve ever read because about 97% are set in London. That’d be cheating, plain and simple.

So…here are 10 books set in London that I either have or haven’t read without resorting to using sequels in series (trust me, I thought about it after a bit):

I Visited This London

I personally think A Darker Shade of Magic should count for 4 books since there are 4 different Londons but that’s a bit nit-picky (though it’s a good enough book to warrant such attention). The same could be said for The Invisible Library considering there are thousands of possible Londons in various alternate universes.

I have absolutely no intentions of wanting to visit the London of 1984 (more the setting than the actual book) but maybe I’ll go back to The Amulet of Samarkand at some point.

And starting in October, I’ll be visiting the London of Clockwork Angel!

Can Someone Buy Me A Train Ticket?

These are some of my TBRs that (according to Goodreads) are set in London so if they’re not, well, that sucks.

The few I have on hand but haven’t had time to get to include: The Bone SeasonDream a Little Dream, and The Paper Magician. Still have to get a hold of a copy of The City’s Son and The Map of Time.


What Londons have you visited?

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4 responses to “Ten Books in London

  1. London is number one on the list of places I want to visit, yet I still haven’t had the chance. I love love love The Infernal Devices and the London shadowhunter world. I also really enjoyed The Dark Days Club, the first in a paranormal fantasy regency trilogy with the first book set in London. Great list!

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