State of the ARC (Chapter One)

POSTED ON February 3, 2018 BY Austine IN Weekly/Monthly

It’s my first real State of the ARC update. . . and it’s a bit scary to be honest. The goal is to get my ARC stack down, rather than add to it but that is definitely not what happened this month haha.

I’m merging my ARCs and finished copies for review all together. And. . . I also realized that I forgot several so the number just gets bigger and bigger, and so does my stress levels >.<

So let’s start with the good parts, yes?

Read. Reviewed. Checked off!

A few of these I read a year or so ago but never reviewed because I’m such a good book blogger, but I finally got around to posting my reviews on NetGalley and crossing them off my list! And a few went live throughout January because YAY for new releases!

*Two of these reviews aren’t live yet but you’ll see them this month!


Now. . . the Breakdown

I’m sitting at about the same amount of ARCs and finished copies to read/review as I was at the beginning of January so. . . progress?

But on the bright side, I think I’m making a small dent in things! I actually read quite a bit this month and have a few that just need reviews which is, for me, awesome. Lately, I’ve been absolutely swamped with student teaching and work so blogging/reading has kind of gone to the wayside but I read 18 books this past month which I’m taking as a good sign!

And I’m making a stand (for myself) this year. I receive a fair amount of unsolicited books over the last year and I’ve always felt this sense of obligation to read them even if I’m not interested. Expanding my horizons and all that. Except each time it never ends well, I waste my time, and the reviews aren’t all that great. But this year I’m making a goal for myself to only read/review books I’m actually interested in.

You know, despite getting crushed by my TBR, this monthly meme has really made me look at my reading and even how I track it. I made a whole spreadsheet to ensure I share my reviews to retail websites, email them to the publisher, all that business.


I have a bunch of ARCs coming up on my TBR that I am SO excited to read!

What are some books you can’t wait to read this month?

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7 responses to “State of the ARC (Chapter One)

  1. I would be terrified to track my books like this! But wow, I have never and will never be able to read 18 books in a month, so I think you’re doing great😊

  2. I have quite a few arcs to read. My problem is not getting to read them as much as reviewing them. I have a bunch I need to go and review. Looks like you did good this last month though. So yay.

  3. Thanks for joining up! And wow 😀 those are some amazing numbers! I already feel better and less alone, cause mine look pretty much the same 😀

    I am so so soooo jealous about Let’s Talk About Love! Really would love to read that. But you have some other nice looking ones too, even besides that one 🙂

    And I absolutely agree about unsolicited books. They could be dumping anything on you. You should have a say in what you read 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh, you’re so brave including your FCs in the stats! If I started doing that mine would look so, so much worse 😂 Congrats on all the progress in January and good luck with this month’s pile 🙂

  5. shesgoingbookcrazy

    Welcome to the meme! For being so busy, finishing 18 reads last month is nothing short of impressive. (That’s not mentioning anything about the Backlist challenge either!) Good luck with your reading throughout February!