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POSTED ON April 1, 2018 BY Austine IN General

Yesterday, after posting about the changes I’ll be making here on NovelKnight, I realized that a fun way to integrate more backlist titles on the blog would be to allow reader review requests.

If you run a book blog or promotional platform, you may be familiar with the act of requesting books to review from publishing houses. Generally those come in the form of ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) for unreleased titles. With the goal here being a shift toward more backlist titles featured on the blog, I decided to take that idea and bring it to you!

In the sidebar, you can now submit book review requests. All you need is a title and author. I’ll be tackling requests starting this summer as part of a new blog feature that is staying under wraps until closer to that time (I am SO excited, y’all!).

I’ll be taking your requests and prioritizing based on a first-come-first-serve basis, with the exception being if I can’t get a hold of a copy from the library if I don’t already own it.

As of right now, this will remain an ongoing feature. If you have a book recommendation or would like to hear my thoughts on a particular title, just submit it in the sidebar! There’s no limit to how many you send it. They can be new or backlist titles (unreleased titles will depend on whether I can get an ARC or not, otherwise I will have to wait until release).

If you’d like, you can also send in book titles through the form below
(same as in the sidebar)!



What do you think? Curious about the upcoming blog feature? Want to start taking reader review requests on your own platform?

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