Quest to Authordom Revival

POSTED ON December 6, 2017 BY Austine IN Authordom

Last year, I came up with a plan to feature authors throughout the year as they told their origin stories — how they became published, essentially. Like many things in life, it didn’t go quite as planned though I was able to feature some great people near the beginning of its creation.

It’s a blog feature that I think is really interesting, though, so I want to bring it back in a slightly different format to (hopefully) make it easier for any authors interested as well as myself.

So what is the Quest to Authordom?

In short, this is a guest post series where authors answer the big question: How did you become a published author?

This is NOT limited to “traditionally” published authors. If you wrote a book, you published a book (or will have one published in the relatively near future) then I’d love to hear from you.

Rather than attempt to schedule out potential posts for the year which is how this started (and the source of some confusion/complications), this will be a post-as-you-go feature where you (the author) can decide if this is something you’re interested in and send your post at YOUR convenience to go live on your preferred date.


Guest posts can be written in any length or format. As long as you’re talking about YOUR writerly origin story, you’re good to go.

Side note: if you want to title your post something else instead of “NAME’s Quest to Authordom” you’re absolutely welcome to! That will be the default title if you don’t provide one of your own.

This blog has readers of all ages so please keep that in mind when writing your post.

For examples of previous Authordom posts, click here!


Why set it up like this?

I was thinking about what happened with this feature and how I got swamped with work not long after starting it and the biggest problem was scheduling people out and then never receiving their posts and having to start an email train to get it.

I LOVE supporting authors in whatever ways I can and trying to track down a post isn’t fun for y’all or me. The way this is set up now means that you (the author) can write your post whenever you want and send it in at your convenience rather than trying to plan it around a million other things. I’m sure all of you are quite busy as is so my hope is that this is a bit less stressful but still a nice piece of promo content that you can use to help get the word out about your book(s).


How do I get involved?

I’d love to feature as many authors as I can so if this series sounds like something you’d like to participate in, here’s what I need from you:

  • Your Quest to Authordom post. Write up your post at your convenience! I’m happy to work out a schedule for posting if you’d like but otherwise see below.
  • Your TOP 3 preferred posting dates. If possible, please send everything in at least one week before your nearest preferred date. If all the dates you selected are already claimed, I’ll work with you to figure out a good time to share your post!
  • Author photo. If available.
  • Author bio.
  • Social media/website links.
  • Title of the book you would like featured on the post. At the bottom of these guest posts I usually like to help promote one of the author’s books so let me know which one you’d like to see there!
  • Any other content/graphics you want included!

Send all of the above information to the email listed below! (Not necessary but including “Quest to Authordom” or some variation in the subject of the email would be helpful!)


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