The Positivity Project – Book Community Edition

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Over the last few months since I’ve fully rejoined the book community after several years on a semi-hiatus (and many changes to the blog, etc.), I came back to a very different dynamic. And a lot of it was on the more negative side of things. I’ve been disheartened to see what used to be such a positive group (and still is in many ways) have such negativity too.

We saw a similar change in my community service fraternity and one of the ways we encouraged positivity and friendship between people was to introduce something called pin points. The idea was to write something nice about someone else and both the person who wrote it and the person it was about received a point. Every XXX points you received a pin-back button (the “pin”) and it was a big event during the morning meeting. This was a way to make friends when I interned at the Philadelphia Zoo and I brought it back to my frat to try. In the end, it actually worked really well and our members enjoyed reading what everyone wrote about them.

The Positivity Project

I want to bring this kind of thing to the book community but I can’t do it without all of you getting involved. This would start in January with the new year and be open to everyone in the book community whether you’re a reader, reviewer, author, etc.

Before I go on I wanted to mention that there is a form at the bottom of this post. Regardless of whether you’re interested in this project or not, please fill it out!

I want to talk about this with y’all now to see if there’s enough interest to try and make this a reality. How it would work is:

  1. Write a blog post, social media shout-out, or other feature to show your love for another member of the book community.
    • This could be anything from thanking them for helping you with something, complimenting their blog, etc.
    • The idea is to be THOUGHTFUL (not just “You’re awesome” and that’s it).
  2. Submit a link to your post to the form set up (this may be a Google Form or Rafflecopter depending on certain aspects of the project).
  3. Gain a point for each nice thing you say (and the person you say something about gets a point too!).
  4. Prizes???


Where can I post my positive comment [still thinking of a better name for these lol]?

Anywhere that’s public! This could be a social media page (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.) or your blog if you want to do a feature post or talk about your favorite bloggers. The options are fairly broad.

What counts as a positive comment?

This is any thoughtful compliment you make about someone else.


I really love NovelKnight’s blog because her posts are really thoughtful and interesting.


NovelKnight is a cool blog.


Why should I participate?

No doubt you’re probably wondering why in the hell should you participate in something that’s just saying nice things about other people.

  1. It’s the nice thing to do. When someone says something nice about me I get all warm and fuzzy inside (and I promise it’s not just my lunch being slowly digested). And often my day hasn’t been great and that one comment makes it all better. I know I’m not the only one who feels like this and it’s nice to spread the love.
  2. Karma. What goes around comes around. You’d be surprised what a few thoughtful comments can do for you.
  3. Did I mention…prizes?


While I don’t think that you should need prizes to be kind to each other, they certainly can’t hurt. The more comments you make, the more points you earn. 

Points = Entries

There will likely be a cap on how many points you can earn each day or there’d be that person who abused the system and spammed everyone they know. That’s not the point. But these would be daily entries, you submit your links to your comments as proof, and you’re entered to win that month’s prize.

Ideally, I’d like to have a prize at the end of each month (where your points “reset” each time) and one big one at the end of the year (where all your comments from the ENTIRE YEAR count toward a grand prize). The prizes themselves could be any of the following (or others if you have ideas):

  • (donated) ARCs and finished copies
  • (pre)orders from The Book Depository
  • Bookish swag or merchandise (fan-made)
  • Gift card
  • other (open to ideas!)

HOWEVER, I am not rich and cannot afford to fund giveaways every month PLUS a grand prize. I would need help via donations of items, etc. to make this work so if you’re interested in donated something, check the form below. And depending on interest, perhaps we could even do themed month prizes.


End Goal

Ideally, this will create bonds between the people in this community that might not have been there before. This project is still in the works so that is why I want to hear what you think.



Please please PLEASE leave a comment, DM me on Twitter, email me, whatever it takes with your thoughts on this. Do you like the idea? Do you hate it? Think something should be different? I WANT TO KNOW! (You won’t hurt my feelings, promise.)

Also, PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW (or use the link if the form doesn’t appear) so I can get an idea of how many people are interested.

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3 responses to “The Positivity Project – Book Community Edition

  1. Lin

    As I already mentioned Austine, I really do like to idea and I am totally in! I have already filled in the form and cannot wait for January to begin this great project, which I hope that it would be a success!