On #Caraval and Collections (A Reader’s Obsession)

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Hello friends. Today I wanted to talk about book collecting and Caraval and The Night Circus and all manner of bookish fangirling.

If you follow me on any of my social media pages, there’s a pretty good chance you know that I have quite the obsession with those two circus/carnival novels. As in, combined, I have nearly 30 copies of both books. It’s a tad out of hand but such is the way of my life.

Anyway, if y’all missed it, Stephanie Garber revealed the cover for the sequel to Caraval, titled Legendary, and it is STUNNING. If y’all want to check it out, you can head over to the Entertainment Weekly website for the full details!

Check out the cover for LEGENDARY!
(You know you want to 😉 )


So I thought it was the perfect time to talk about my growing collection of Caraval editions. I listed The Night Circus earlier and I also collect editions of that but I’ve had trouble finding foreign editions of it so it’s not nearly as extensive at this point. But that book sparked my love of these kind of books leading to my Caraval collection so it’s worth mentioning here.


Book Collecting: Is It Worth It?

Alright. I’ve seen this topic up for debate on social media before. Some of the arguments include that collecting books takes those books away from others who might only be able to afford one copy. Or that it’s excessive in general.

To be honest, it is in a way. Do I really need that many copies of the same book? Probably not. But it’s my way of supporting the author. The more books sold, the better the chances are that they’ll put out another book (especially books that are part of a series). If y’all haven’t experienced reading a series that abruptly ends with no final book, it can come down to sales or a lack thereof. I love supporting my favorite authors by buying their books whether it’s copies of different books or editions of the same one. That’s my personal take and primary reasoning for collecting in general (as this isn’t my only collection, just my largest).

I’m also a big collector person in general. I have a dragon collection (handmade pottery pieces and collectibles from craft fairs mainly), a funko pop collection, a button collection, etc. I like collecting. And I love books. The two were meant to be.

As for the comments I’ve seen about taking away from other readers by buying these copies, I’m honestly not sure whether it does or not (in all seriousness, if this is the case I will definitely rethink book collecting y’all, I don’t want to take away from readers). I’ve always seen it as I am a customer purchasing a product so when I buy these different editions, that’s what I’m doing, buying the product like any consumer and hopefully the more sales, the more printings in the future. I could be totally off base here so if you are better informed please let me know!

So, in short, yes, I think collecting is worth it if it means something to the person which leads right into. . .

Why Caraval (and The Night Circus)?


This obsession, if you will, actually started with The Night Circus. I read it a few years ago and the book immediately stood out to me. It started with the writing style but my love for the story soon skyrocketed. There’s a magic about The Night Circus that’s hard to describe and likely won’t appeal to every reader but I felt it and it stuck even years later.

I started writing circus/carnival-inspired short stories for my classes throughout college. One even became a poem/short story pairing. I was hooked! And then I heard about Caraval.

Nothing. . . nothing. . . could replace The Night Circus but that’s the wonderful thing about books. You don’t have to pick just one. You can love them all! So I tried my hardest to get an early copy of Caraval, eventually succeeding and devouring it in a single sitting. It had the same mystery and magic that I felt with The Night Circus but was something new altogether as well.

At this point I had already started collecting copies of The Night Circus and so I decided to add Caraval to the mix. Now as I mentioned previously, my Caraval collection is larger primarily because I’ve been having difficulty finding other editions of The Night Circus (if you know where to get them I’d appreciate the help!) but I love both equally.

Yet it’s Caraval I’m apparently known for in the book community 😂 (not that I’m complaining lol)

And so the collection was born. I’m at 21 editions of Caraval and 9 editions of The Night Circus. I also shelve other circus/carnival-y books with these editions including Girl on a Wire by Gwenda Bond, Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody, and Menagerie by Rachel Vincent.

I also have an assortment of bookish merch and swag associated with the books including a Caraval vase, TNC hand-painted mug, bookish candles, tote bags, a pillowcase, and other little stuff.

That’s really it! I love circus/carnival books, I love collecting things. I’ve combined the two and love doing it!

Do y’all collect anything/any books?


Where to Buy Caraval/The Night Circus Editions

One of the biggest questions I get associated with my collection is where did I get the books in the first place?! I’ve attempted to compile as complete of a list as I could below with where I found each edition of Caraval.

(I hope to add listings for The Night Circus down the road but the editions I own so far were mostly bought through discount stores and by trading with other readers)

DISCLAIMER: These are for places to buy the editions that ship to the United States (since that’s where I live and could confirm shipping and all that). That doesn’t mean that they will (or won’t) ship to other countries. If you’ve ordered from any of the websites below (or one not listed), let me know in the comments and I’ll update the list here!

Also, y’all, I don’t own all the editions. Some I haven’t searched for yet, some I just can’t get, so this list is by no means representative of all the editions available.

  • United States
    • Hardcover (Book Depository)
    • Paperback (Book Depository)
    • This copy can also be found on websites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.
  • United Kingdom & Commonwealth
    • Hardcover (Book Depository)
      • Secret covers are random if you order online. The “top hat” secret cover is only available from Tesco.
      • Goldsboro “misprint” cover is unavailable unless buying from a 3rd party
    • Paperback #1 (Book Depository)
    • Paperback #2 (Book Depository)
    • Paperback #3 (Book Depository)
    • These copies may also be found at vendors specific to the country.
  • International (in English – Book Depository)
  • Spain (Book Depository)
  • France (Amazon)
  • Catalan (Book Depository)
  • Germany (Book Depository)
  • Poland (Book Depository)
  • Netherlands
  • Russia
    • For US residents, change the city in the top left corner (originally says “Moscow”) to “New York, NY.” You can change it to your correct address at checkout.
  • Japan (currently working to locate)
  • Romania
    • Website appears to show shipping options to outside countries, US included, but unconfirmed.
  • Turkey (currently working to locate)
  • Serbia

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4 responses to “On #Caraval and Collections (A Reader’s Obsession)

  1. I wanted to see a picture of your collection too!
    Also what does the misprint one look like? I tried googling but it tried to take me to a tweet of yours that doesn’t exist any more :’)

    • I need to add pictures >.< Haven't had the time but I might go in and edit this post with them once I do. Lol yeah. . . my old Twitter was hacked and I had to remake one but lost all the photos which sucks but such is the way of the world *sigh* I'll try to do some collection shots in the future and add those in here and on social media! 🙂

  2. I think it is amazing you have the Dutch one and that you are able to find so many editions. From what I have see on your instagram, your collection of both looks stunning. I accidentally have quite a few versions of some of the Harry Potter books right now. But I mean, with the illustrated editions and all, that is just nog weird. And I have like 3 versions of The BFG. That is the first book I read on my own.

    • Google is my best friend haha. Only reason I’ve found the majority of the editions I now own.

      I have a few other series with multiple editions (Nevernight, Throne of Glass, ADSOM, etc) but nothing like Caraval and The Night Circus!