Multiple Social Media Pages is a Struggle

POSTED ON December 8, 2017 BY Austine IN Discussion

I was thinking about this today (while I should have been writing a paper for a class but hey, semester’s almost over right?) and I realized how much of a pain having multiple social media pages is. And I don’t mean multiple accounts on the same website (though that can be a struggle too).

So let’s chat. We book bloggers, bookstagrammers, book tubers, book-people of the community. . . most of us probably have more than one account. On twitter, instagram, youtube, facebook, tumblr, pinterest, bloglovin‘, goodreads, the list goes on.

Why? Well I can’t answer that for you in terms of what everyone else uses those spaces for. Personally, I started out using one, then another, then another, all for different reasons and somehow ended up with all these pages that offer different kinds of content and function differently and this and that and it’s a LOT going on.

Am I alone in feeling the stress of having different media pages? Yes? No?

Mentally, I broke things down because obviously there must be an answer *her science brain says, needing a logical explanation*

Twitter has always felt like it is the place to be for bookish news. This past year has been somewhat of an exception all around for various reasons but if I want to know what’s going on in the book world, I head to Twitter. Short content, great for promoting blog posts, easy to interact with people, it’s great.

There’s also a LOT of negativity going around which isn’t so great and I’ve found I spend more time on other websites.

Like Tumblr. Started using it in college as a personal blog sort of thing (mostly animal and book pictures, to be honest). Created a booklr later to go with the blog. I can sit in my feed for hours just reblogging stuff without much thought. I don’t interact with the community on there, though, as much as I think I should or could. Resolution for 2018 in the making. It’s just never felt like that sort of place for me in comparison to Twitter.

Then there’s Instagram which I have a love/hate relationship with. The amount of work that goes into a single photo for bookstagram is a bit crazy, even the simpler photos. Have to set up the picture, take the picture, create a dynamic and interesting caption, remember to comment back (I’m the WORST at that). Do you have to worry about all that stuff? No. But I’m a perfectionist. I stress. I do want to consider every element and want to put my best foot/photo forward.

And once I get tired of interacting with people for the day, my quota filled, I head to Pinterest for some mind-numbing pinning, mostly to writing inspiration boards that I haven’t really looked at in months because I’ve hardly written lately. Which sucks. But that’s another matter.

I think people still use Facebook pages and Bloglovin‘? I don’t, personally, but I have pages for the blog for those of y’all that do.

Super long rambling post in short, there is a LOT going on in social media. And what makes it even harder?

They all have different kinds of content.

Instagram uses square images but people don’t seem to like graphics. They want photographs and unless you set it up through a 3rd-party website, you can’t share the post link AND image from instagram to other websites. And you can’t really link anything unless you make it the website link in your bio which you have to remember to change out.

Twitter has its character limit and some content does well, like sharing website links and its optimal image size is a rectangle. Threads are cool if you have something to say but you also have to be careful of that limit again because it’s easy to misunderstand others and be misunderstood yourself.

Tumblr is great and I don’t even know what’s going on there. I love reblogging photos but not so much the text posts which I don’t get because I like to write those kinds of posts here on my blog (case in point. . .). And photos are what’s generally reblogged from me, not so much text content.

Pinterest is all photos and there’s yet another optimal image size different from instagram and twitter. I find it’s the hardest to share on but the easiest to just waste time pinning stuff for personal use so there’s that. Haven’t figured out what to do with it for the blog.

And Facebook and Bloglovin‘ are just there. The NK page gets a bit of interaction on facebook but not nearly like its other media pages. If it wasn’t automated I probably wouldn’t use it.

The problem with each platform working with different kinds of content is that it’s a LOT of work. Now, granted, I’m speaking from a blogger/promotional standpoint. All of these websites are great for personal use but as a book blogger, I also use them to promote my content and books in general so I consider both parts. And there’s no one “master” template for social media. How I talk about a book, or books in general, on one page is different than another. Not because I’m sharing different opinions on different platforms but how I approach that promotional aspect.

Blogging is already tough without social media and sometimes I feel the pressure to be involved EVERYWHERE when it’s just not feasible.

(And yes, SOMEONE is going to comment “oh you don’t have to do that though” and trust me, I am aware. Just as I’m sure many other people are and they still probably stress too. It’s a thing, unfortunately)

I just can’t keep up with it all. I’ve thought about cutting back on the media pages but it would exclude part of my reading audience and I don’t want to do that. And what happens is I use one page for a while, switch off to another, and so on.

There was really no point to this post beyond talking about my struggles with social media but if you can relate, have solutions to offer, hate social media or love it, I want to hear from you!

How do you feel about social media and book blogging?

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35 responses to “Multiple Social Media Pages is a Struggle

  1. I started off with twitter, instagram, facebook. I cut myself back from facebook but that was just a waste of time. I get what you mean about photos for instagram I am way too lazy when it comes to photos. I care/don’t care at the same time. Even bought a new light bulb to help with the ‘orange’ glow to my pictures lol

  2. I feel you. I stick primarily to bookstagram and use Twitter as a way to connect with people for specific events (readathons, challenges like beat the backlist). I started a blog this year, but I use it pretty casually. But Instagram is the one place I’ve found my home, so I let everything else remain a supplement. I hope you feel a little less stressed after venting! Sometimes a good rant is what one needs most.

    • I thought I found my home with Twitter but it’s been so up and down there lately with everything going on in the community and the world so maybe a new “home” is in order. And yes, rants can be very therapeutic lol

  3. I completely agree with this! I love Twitter so that’s my “main” social media but other than that… I have a FB page I never use and might actually delete soon. I’m on Instagram, Bloglovin’, Pinterest and Tumblr as well. I don’t have to do anything for Bloglovin’, so I don’t mind. I mainly use Tumblr for “word vomit” that I’d rather not have on my main blog (for whatever weird reason, haha) but I don’t really use it for anything else. I love Pinterest, but it’s SO time confusing… I does work, though, if you create the right graphics. But like you said, it’s ANOTHER kind of imagine that you have to create. I love Instagram, but I also kind of hate it because no matter what I do, my stats don’t really change or get better, which annoys me because I like to see improvement.

    Love this post, Austine! 🙂

    • SO MANY IMAGES. And I agree about instagram and stats. Like the only time they change is when I host a giveaway -_- Which tells me nothing about how I’m actually doing and more about how many people want free stuff lol

  4. Ugh yes, social media and making sure you are somehow active on them all is a struggle.
    I stopped using Tumblr. The app got weird for me and I just left it. I do use twitter and instagram a lot but I would like to comment more on other instagram photos but I don’t have the time for that. Bloglovin’s is automated. I can’t get fb to go automated with blog posts (but it does work with my instagram posts) so I have to manually schedule posts in on there which I forget most of the time. But I do get some interaction there from time to time so I do still try. I never got into pinterest so I just let that slide haha.

    But it is so easy to forget something and sometimes it can feel like you don’t give each outlet the tme it does deserve.

    • Tumblr is a weird place. . . I use it just to reblog bookish photos anymore which can be nice. Oh, OH, to automate Facebook, you can use a site like which lets you set up applets/services that work for all sorts of websites like WordPress/Blogger as well as social media.

  5. I think it’s a lot of work.

    For the reasons that you’ve mentioned. They all have different image requirements and marketing best practices. Another issue I have is that I can’t accurately measure the impact on my blog*. Does having a little more translate to more views, signups, engagement, etc?

    I imagine if you have thousands of followers on your blog, thousands more on Twitter and thousands on Instagram – you’ll see a difference. Especially when you compare it to when you first started. What about compared to the last quarter? In this example what you have is a beast. What this beast wants is more content. I imagine in most cases, better content. In regards to the work you put in are you growing or are you just treading water?

    I love to read so most of my energy and effort go into that. Then, when I can, I review on my blog. I spend time on Twitter but that gets to be a bit much with Trump this, Hillary that and Sanders says tweets… not to mention the negativity within our community. My strategy on Pinterest is easy – pin and get out! I have lost hours that were meant to be spent pinning to my boards, looking at memes, jokes and on a Fantastical Lands board that belongs to a certain someone (looking at you Austine). I’ll save something to Tumblr when I remember and G+ is almost exclusively for anything Christian. Other than a button I just added, I do nothing to grow my blog on Bloglovin’.

    Part of me would love to have an Instagram account. I’ve seen bloggers that rarely get 30 likes on posts, get 100s on an image. This is enticing. Then I take a really good look at the images and I realize the work that went into them. I’m going to pick on you again Austine 🙂 Your Instagram account features some stunning images that had to take time to conceptualize and execute. Right there that’s more work than I’m willing to put in, but I’ll play the ‘what if?’ game. What if I did manage to put the work in? Would it translate to more views on the blog? Would the ROI be worth it?

    I can only attest to two methods that I have used that have increased my views and followers 1. is publishing more content and 2. blog hopping and Twitter plays a role in both of these.

    So for the time being, Twitter is where I’ll hang my hat on. I too love this post 🙂


    *How do I know that my content didn’t initially send to a SM site and they’re just returning from there for another visit? Does it matter?

    • It’s tough and wondering if it’s worth the time spent cross-promoting to social media brings up a lot of questions, which becomes a downward spiral. I’m with you on wanting to put my energy into reading rather than social media. Managing even one page can be tough, let alone trying to remember to post to all the others and hoping they make a difference.

  6. Social media is so much pressure! Besides my blog, I make use of Twitter and Instagram. I have Pinterest but only for inspiration; Facebook and Bloglovin’ are there but I don’t pay much attention to them.

    Anyway, Instagram is just crazy. I love taking photos but the amount of work going into them is not something I can keep up with. Plus having to post everyday, maybe even twice a day! It’s very hard to break into bookstagram which annoys me from time to time. Twitter is alright as I do find it easy to interact there and keep up with the news but I don’t post regularly because I don’t really have much things to share..?

    I think that’s one of the biggest pressures with social media – having regular interaction and posts.

    • I think instagram has gotten worse with the algorithm. You almost HAVE to post once or twice a day just to get noticed and at that point it becomes almost too much work. And I totally get that. Thinking about what you want to share, if anyone will care if you share it, how to make sure you’re interacting ENOUGH, etc.

      • There was a time when I tried posting twice a day but coming up with a caption and taking SO MANY pictures tired me out. I also don’t have the energy to constantly interact with everyone on IG. It’s a daunting place tbh but I’ve decided not to let it bother me too much. I think I’d rather focus on my blog and Twitter haha

  7. I’m terrible at social media. I have accounts on different sites, but I don’t use them. The only ones I check every day are Twitter and Bloglovin’. Twitter seems to have all the bookish news, and I use Bloglovin’ to follow blogs. I don’t know what I’d do without that site. I’m impressed by people who can handle all the social media stuff. I sure can’t.

    • Twitter’s a definite must-check for me too. I really should use Bloglovin’ more. I’m always losing track of blog posts I see shared on social media that I want to read later then end up forgetting about.

  8. First and foremost, there’s my blog. The website is 20 years old — and the blog itself is 13. It gets updated each and every day. Next there’s Twitter — which I do share links to my reviews. But I also use Twitter for a variety of other things, many of which aren’t at all related to my blog (except for sharing the same handle). Next there is Facebook; I have a personal profile and earlier this year I started a page for my blog. The personal site I use for local friends, and family, as well as following a few sites that don’t have other social media options. My blog’s Facebook page is for reviews or for sharing news. I only share the reviews that get three stars or higher (for a total of five) because I don’t see the point in saturating the web with negative reviews. Next there is Tumblr — which I use for collating my research (a project involving road narratives) as well as following various fandoms. I do also post links to my reviews there following the same guidelines that I use for Facebook. Finally there is Instagram which is more of my off the cuff photography. I do post some bookish photos but it’s not a book themed profile. I do have a YouTube channel but I’m not a booktuber (nor am I consumer of booktube videos). I don’t do podcasts, nor do I listen to podcasts.

  9. You’re definitely not alone in this. I’m the absolute worst at social media. I feel like I completely neglect the majority of the social media accounts I initially set up because I just really didn’t know what to even do with them. I settled for cross posting my blog content on them and that’s about it. I sigh every time I think about how much better I could be doing with those accounts.

    • That’s the minimum I try for, cross-posting blog content. I wish there was more info out there about how we as book bloggers/book promoters can better share content across the different platforms, just something to help us out.

  10. Totally agreed 😀 and while they are still so taxing, you kind of NEED to have them all anyway. Even if you’re not going to be very active on them.

    I love Twitter, but you’re right, there’s a lot of negativity, so you just kind of need to know when to tune out. Last year I cleaned out my Twitter following mercilessly… It’s been more drama free after that 🙂 there are only certain people who spread the negativity. Remove them, and your feed’s fine.

    I’ve never used tumblr though! Never looked into it, and I don’t feel like I want to start with a whole new social media site xD

    I don’t hang out on Instagram too much either, I just post whatever I like, knowing I won’t really get a following cause I don’t have either the means or even the capabilities to produce good photos. So that’s fine. I just sort of don’t worry about Insta, cause I know I’m hopeless at it xD takes too long.

    And I’ve started Pinterest lately. Don’t know, sometimes it’s good for the mind-numbing pinning, like you say 😀 but what’s very annoying, like you say, is that if I want to pin something from my blog, I have to make special graphics for it, cause the sizes are different. Grah! That’s why I usually don’t bother.

    My Facebook page is basically just there to be there (not like you can do much on Facebook without paying though, really) and Bloglovin’ also sort of lurks. I never thought of that as a social media even xD it’s a post reader… You still go to the blog in the end, don’t you? Or am I missing something?

    Aside from that, I also use Litsy on my phone from time to time. But mostly just for fun. It doesn’t drive any traffic whatsoever.

    So I guess, in the end I feel pretty much like you do about social media 😀

    • Lol exactly, there’s just so much going on and you want to keep the pages but keeping them going is tough sometimes. Glad I’m not the only one struggling!

  11. Ive slowly been narrowing down my social medias tbh.
    They’re there still just me using them? no not so much.
    If I’m not getting the enjoyment or interaction I want from them I dont see why I should waste my energy on them.

    for me i just use twitter, my blog, and discord for my book club.
    instagram i use now and then but mostly just to push the photo through to twitter

  12. Oh totally agree. At first I was SO overwhelmed. The reality of being a book blogger hit me. I felt like I never had enough time. I’m not really a social media person but I try my best to keep up with all the platforms. Thanks for sharing this. It makes me feel not alone. Great post. ❤️😁

  13. Being on all social media platforms is impossible unless you are a stay at home mom – I wish I could just do that, stay at home, read and social network all day long. My blog partner and I are splitting platforms, that makes it a little easier, but GR is the one platform that unfortunately is getting the least of our attention. I use it for tracking my books but I don’t really interact anymore. I’m on Twitter and on WP most of my time.

    What I can say for certain is that EVERY single platform only works if we put work into it. No likes on IG if you don’t like for a certain amount of time yourself. Twitter is a little easier, since a handful of likes and retweets is often enough. GR is pretty much the same as IG. To see a return of likes you have to put time into the community.

    I still believe putting your eggs into one basket is not the right decision. FB can easily control who sees what, and sooner or later they’ll ask their members, especially the page owners to pay for visibility. FB also owns IG, so I can imagine sooner or later they will change the IG landscape as well. Same with Twitter. And Amazon owns GR. We are pretty much powerless.

    I’m not sure if spreading yourself over multiple pages is the way to go forward, I just worry that if I put all my energy into one social media platform, it would destroy me if something would drastically change the status quo. FB is the most fickle of all lately. They put you in jail for nothing. And Amazon deletes reviews left and right. Sigh.

  14. I have a Twitter account, a blog, and an instagram. All of which are hard to keep up with, and all of which I will be working at til the end of time and still not have that many followers. I do enjoy creating instagram photos and posts for my blog, but it is time consuming. With work and grad school I haven’t been posting much on any platform.

  15. I started with a tumblr in college. I was a gif-maker for the lotr movies. I’m not active anymore though. Then I got a book blog, then a bookstagram, then a twitter, and now a facebook page so that i could do the “business” account for my bookstagram. it’s a lot hahaha i definitely feel overwhelmed with it all. Bookstagram is possibly one of the most demanding accounts.