Indigo League, Here I Come!

POSTED ON August 21, 2016 BY Austine IN Challenge

We’re one week into the #ReadThemAllThon reading challenge and I have not been as successful as I had hoped due to a lot of things, to be perfectly honest, but progress is progress!


Current Status

Pokemon: Sylveon

Total CP Points: 561

Badges Earned: 4 / 8

Books Read: 4 / ?


I decided to go with a Sylveon for my Eevee’s evolution. I love all of the eeveelutions but always go for Umbreon or Vaporeon. Wanted to change things up. Looking to finish my last 4 badges over the next few days then start training for the Elite Four with other books I read during the challenge period.

For daily updates you can check out my page for the challenge in the menu or click here.


How is your #ReadThemAllThon going?


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2 responses to “Indigo League, Here I Come!

  1. Tia

    Wow, you’ve definitely had some good progress! I completed my 5th badge the other day and my Nidoqueen is now at CP500 🙂

    How was This Savage Song?