I’m Ready for the Indigo League! A #ReadThemAllThon Wrap-Up

POSTED ON September 5, 2016 BY Austine IN Challenge


It’s been a touch 3 weeks but I’ve come out with a slightly shorter TBR pile and 8 virtually shiny badges for my progress during the #ReadThemAllThon reading challenge. It was so much fun! I’m really looking forward to more in the future.

Now, the challenge was reading but the goal was to be the pokemon league champion. We won’t know who won until the end of the week but here’s a look at how the challenge went for me:

Badges Earned (Books Read)

I earned all 8 badges for each of the books above, as well as posted reviews for each one so if you’re curious, feel free to go check those out!

After that, I…just kept reading, and flew through over 5,400 additional pages to add on to my Sylveon’s CP (which is how the champion is determined.

You can see my day-to-day progress on my challenge page up in the menu bar or by clicking here.

Now, the ultimate moment…how strong did my Sylveon become?






I was super excited to see all the work I put in come out with my Sylveon’s CP. To be honest, it made reading even more fun, having that friendly competition in place and seeing the progress in something as simple as a number. I may employ that in my future reading endeavors. 🙂


Did you complete the #ReadThemAllThon challenge?

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