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Hello, everyone! It’s been a while since I posted a discussion so tonight I decided to share some of my tricks-of-the-trade. To give you an idea of what I do every week for this blog…

  • write reviews for any books read recently
  • prep promotional posts and discussions
  • share content across several social media platforms
  • read, read, READ

That’s just a glance. If I’m being honest, having a book blog is a full-time job. One that I absolutely love, but a job nonetheless. Anything that can save me time and effort so I can put it towards new content and ideas is worth its weight in gold (or at least US dollars) to me. I use a variety of tools to keep things going but tonight I wanted to focus on the ones that are responsible for the great content you see before you (at least I hope it’s great, or at least good; I can settle for good).


Introducing Nose Graze Plug-ins

I’m sure it’s a familiar name by now as many book bloggers are already using her Ultimate Book Blogger Plug-In but if you’re not, you might want to think about it! On top of UBB, I have several other add-ons and plug-ins active on NovelKnight to keep things running smooth and looking great.

For a look at the internal workings of each of these add-ons and plug-ins, click the links below each description to go to which features excellent screenshots of the products.


Rating Report Add-On

I thought I’d start off with the free add-on. On my reviews starting in the springtime this year, you’ll notice the right sidebar has a breakdown of my rating of the book based on the plot, characters, writing style, cover, and my overall enjoyment. This is courtesy of the Rating Report Add-On. Customize your own categories and the plug-in does the rest. In the Editor, you’ll see a dropdown for each of the categories so you can select the individual rating. The plug-in will average them together to give you a final score. I didn’t start using the rating breakdown system until this year when I realized that I was already doing it in my reviews. Now you can take a quick glance at the stars and get an idea of what I thought about the book!

I’m using the add-on version of this plug-in which integrates with the Ultimate Book Blogger Plug-in. There is also a version available that works separately from UBB if you don’t have it.

Price: FREE

Get the Rating Report Plug-In     Get Rating Report UBB Add-On


Ultimate Book Blogger Add-On Bundle

This is a pack of 4 different add-ons for the UBB that you can purchase separately or together depending on your preference. I use 3 of the 4 regularly and keep track of the fourth in my notes in case I decide to put it up so it was much cheaper to go the package route.

This package includes: Flame Ratings, Reading Challenges, Review Requests, and Review to Goodreads.

Package Price: $27
Purchase UBB Add-On Package


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Flame Ratings

Perfect for romance readers, rate how steamy a book was same as a star rating. You could also change this to fit any other secondary rating you wanted as you can use your own image so it could be a G, PG, PG-13 type rating system, how much you’d be willing to recommend the book to a reader, etc. The sky’s the limit.

Price: $9.99
Purchase Flame Rating Add-On


challengesReading Challenges

You can see these at work in the sidebar. If you’re someone who participates in lots of challenges throughout the year, you can keep track of them with this add-on which allows you to create challenges and track the progress by adding each book review to one or multiple challenges.

Price: $9.99
Purchase Reading Challenge Add-On


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reviewrequestsReview Requests Add-On

This plug-in works with UBB to create a front-end form that makes it easy for authors and publishers to submit review requests to you. There are tons of fields you can customize to make the form look the way you like. When someone submits a request, it then goes to the back-end of the plug-in on your Dashboard menu where you can view the request with all the information you asked for and respond to the person.

Personally, I get a lot of emails each day that aren’t review requests so having them in a separate place is really convenient and makes organizing much easier. Though NovelKnight only has one reviewer, I would definitely be grateful to have this add-on if I were to take on a co-blogger. You can set who has access to see the review requests as well as pick who reads/reviews what.

Price: $9.99
Purchase Review Requests Add-On


Review to Goodreads

Oh my goodness, this one is probably my favorite (beside UBB in general). It automatically sends you reviews (complete with HTML formatting) to Goodreads for whatever title the review is for. AND you can add text before/after the review if you want to include a link back to your website, etc.


Price: $9.99
Purchase Review to Goodreads Add-On


Guest Review Submission

Now this plug-in may not be for everyone but I personally wanted to introduce it to the website. Years ago on a different blog, I had a lot of guest reviewers come in and out, never consistently enough to have a set space on the website (though I asked) but it was still frequent. So when I saw that Nose Graze offered a plug-in that allowed guests — you guys — to submit reviews to a website on the front end, I jumped on it.

This is perfect for people who don’t necessarily have a dedicated reviewing website but like to post reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, etc. and want to spread the word further.

Price: $9.99
Purchase Guest Review Submissions


Ultimate Book Blogger Plug-In

The queen of all book blogging plug-ins is this one — the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin. I vaguely remember the days when I didn’t have this and they’re quite painful. Hand-coding each post to show off the book cover and information in a nicely formatted way. *Shudder* Let’s just say it’s the stuff of blogging nightmares. But then Nose Graze came out with UBB and my life was forever changed. Everything has a box, everything has its place, and I just let the plug-in do the work for me. Just look at how pretty everything looks when published.


On the back end, you can choose what information to show (or not show) and customize how it looks. Determine your rating system, complete with the option of custom rating images. Manage your social media sharing. Show off recent and upcoming reviews. Display giveaways and blog tours, complete with banners. The amount of options you have with this plug-in are simply mind-blowing and they all fit within the types of content most book blogs post.

Price: $35
Purchase the Ultimate Book Blogger Plug-In


Tweak Me V.2 Theme

Now this isn’t a plug-in, but the Tweak Me V.2 theme is why this website looks so nice. Everything here is because of this theme. The customization options alone are extraordinary. If you’re like me and have a particular vision for how you want your website to look, it’ll be a dream come true. I’m familiar with HTML coding but not so good when it comes to WordPress so being able to simply upload images or select colors with hex codes makes it simple and versatile no matter now much you know about coding. If it’s on the site, you can probably customize it. There’s even an option to add your own custom CSS to really make it your own, as well as space to put those script codes for Google Analytics and the like.

Price: $69
Purchase Tweak Me V.2 Theme


Do you use any of the Nose Graze plug-ins? Do they work well with your blog?

Check back for part 2 of my blogger plug-in overview where I’ll discuss the other features I use that aren’t created by Nose Graze!


Disclaimer: NovelKnight is affiliated with Nose Graze and receives a commission for purchases from the links above which goes towards more giveaways for blog readers and general blog maintenance. Please help support this website by using the links above if you decide to purchase from Nose Graze.

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