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2018 is the year of blog features! In the past, this blog has featured authors through interviews and guest posts, which I LOVE doing! Later I added the Quest to Authordom where authors share how they became published (guest post style). Now it’s time for the year of BOOKWYRMS!

Behind the Bookwyrm is a guest post blog series where members of the book community come to NovelKnight to share their thoughts, opinions, interests, and anything in between! This series is intended for book bloggers, booktubers, bookstagrammers, booklrs, etc. If you’re using a platform to talk about books, then this is for you!

Right now, this is an open topic feature, meaning that there aren’t any restrictions on what you can talk about in your post. Granted, this is a book blog so something related to books/reading, book merch/swag, blogging (or your platform of choice), etc. would be preferred over, say, a post on your favorite dog breeds. Let’s keep it bookish!

The cool thing about guest posting on another blog is that you’re getting a brand new audience! Sure, there might be some overlap but readers of this blog may be different from your platform so you’re getting to talk to a whole new set of readers!

This year, I want to boost more voices in this community and this space, this blog, is mine to do with what I want so I’m choosing to feature other bloggers and give them a voice in a new space. If you’d like to be a part of that, I’d love to have you come talk on NovelKnight!

What do you mean “guest post?”

This can be a discussion post, a list, playlist for a novel you just read, the possibilities are endless! As long as your post isn’t just pictures and nothing else, you’re good!


Okay, I’m interested. What do I have to do?

Let’s start with the post itself. This part is up to you. Write your post and then you can send it to me. If you’re not sure what you want to talk about just yet, we can chat about it! Before sending, please proofread your post and avoid vulgar/explicit language. This blog has readers of all ages.

If your post discusses a specific book(s), please avoid spoilers or hide them (let me know if you need to do this and I can give you the shortcode for it).

If you have any specific format for your post, please indicate that in your message to me as well as any photos that should be included. It may be easier to send me the post in code (you can find that in your post editor) depending on what you want to do with your post. This blog uses WordPress so there may be slight variations between it and other platforms.

A few other things. . .

You put in all that work to write the post so I want to make sure you get all the credit too! When you send your post, please include the following:

  • Name/pseudonym you’d like used for the post
  • A brief “About Me” (doesn’t need to be long)
  • Your primary platform (blog, booktube, bookstagram, etc.)
  • Any other social links
  • A photo of yourself, blog logo, etc. if you’d like (optional)

That’s a lot of info to basically say that if you write a post and want to see it featured here on NovelKnight, I’d love to host it for you! You retain full rights to your post. If you want it removed at any time, just ask!

Interested? Let’s chat!

You can email me directly at thenovelknight[at]gmail[dot]com or use the form below to contact me!

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