6 Reasons I Might Unfollow You

POSTED ON May 18, 2017 BY Austine IN Discussion

You’re sitting on your computer, going through your social media pages to update your stats, checking your progress, when you notice that one of those numbers has gone down instead of up. Someone unfollowed you.

Well that sucks.

For some of you, it’s just a number. Others feel the need to check who specifically unfollowed them as though it will make the difference. Either way, it happened. Yet I see people get all upset when someone unfollows them, as if that single number made this massive impact on their life.

I’ll come back to that later, though.

I unfollow people all the time and the thing about following social media pages is that the more people you follow, the fuller your home feed gets. Just about every platform has a “feed” of some kind. That space is yours and you get to decide what kind of content you see (or don’t see) in it.

So let’s chat. Here are the main reasons (in no particular order) I unfollow someone on social media, and you’ll see that most of them aren’t personal “attacks” against someone else.

1. Your account is inactive.

I’m not talking about a week of no posts, or if you have a hiatus notice up SOMEWHERE saying you’ll be back at a later date. I mean the accounts that haven’t been active for a month or more with no signs of returning. I get that life happens but I try to keep my feeds cleaned up and focused on seeing new content. That’s how use social media, but it’s different for everyone.


2. I don’t like your content anymore.

Doesn’t mean I hate what you’re posting. But, for example, my pages are primarily about books. I keep separate accounts for all the non-bookish stuff. If you’re posting all about politics and the news with very little bookish content, that’s totally cool, but not what I want to see in that particular account feed. It’s nothing personal, just how I keep things organized.

For more visual platforms (instagram, tumblr, pinterest), if I’m no longer enjoying your post aesthetics or theme, I might unfollow you. Again, it’s all about personal taste and doesn’t mean anything other than I like one thing and you like another which is totally fine.

3. You like tags. A lot.

This can be hashtags or account handles, but when I see accounts that are all posts filled with links to one or the other and very little of the actual person behind the screen, I lose interest. To me, those make an account look like it’s all about the attention instead of honest interactions with other people. I’m not saying you can’t do this here and there (and for book blogs, it’s always a nice thing to thank publishers and authors when you receive material) but I want to see YOU in your posts not just your skills at tagging accounts and topics.

4. I’m changing the direction of MY feed.

I’ve done this one or twice, moving from one account to two split accounts for different purposes. It’s nice to keep things organized. I keep my book stuff on one account, and stuff like science and my other personal interests on another. So I try to keep my following organized like that as well. Just a way for me to better manage my accounts.


5. I’m overwhelmed keeping up with everyone I follow.

When you follow a hundred people, a couple hundred, a thousand, it’s really tough to stay up-to-date with EVERY account. Sometimes it can be too much and my feed needs to be culled a bit down to the accounts I really care about. Which means that if we have never interacted, and I don’t absolutely NEED your posts in my feed, I’ll probably unfollow you.

6. You’re rude/offensive.

On a very rare occasion, I will unfollow (and sometimes even block) accounts that I find are rude or offensive, either to me, other people, or the general public. Social media is an internet space and I have no need for the extra negativity in my life from people I have never met or likely never will, so I don’t see the need to follow them.

I’ve also blocked accounts for this reason to avoid seeing their posts in my feed at all (or if they’re a spam or troll account).


I think a lot of people put too much stock in social media and who’s following who. At the end of the day, I think it’s important to ask yourself:

  1. What do I want from my social media pages?
  2. Will this decision to unfollow/block someone impact my life OUTSIDE of social media?

Personally, social media is my way of staying up-to-date on upcoming books, related news, and keeping up with my favorite authors and bloggers. It’s a release from the daily workload. And at the end of the day, 99% of those decisions I make regarding social media are about me because I’m the only person they really affect in the end.

It’s YOUR feed. It’s YOUR page. Do what’s right for YOU.

Thoughts? Reactions?

How do you feel about social media and followings?

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14 responses to “6 Reasons I Might Unfollow You

    • I believe there are websites/apps that can show you who has. And I feel you. It’s hard enough keeping up with favorites let alone everyone else on a daily basis!

  1. Kel

    I’ve unfollowed people for all of the above at some point. Sometimes it’s a tough call – like when I still enjoy half the content but don’t care for the rest. I totally agree with you though: it’s your feed. Do what’s best for you with it. Great post!

    • It’s definitely hard sometimes, especially lately in my opinion when people want to post both their usual content as well as more news-related stuff (from what I’ve seen in my feed, at least). But definitely comes down to doing what’s best for you, like you said!

  2. I’m extremely picky about the blogs that I follow and who I follow on social media. I only follow people that I want to connect with and I only follow blogs that I want to read every day.

  3. I’ve never bothered checking who unfollowed me. Unless you have a program that does it for you, it seems like a lot of work for no payoff. I usually unfollow people if they get on my nerves or post a lot of content that doesn’t interest me. I recently unfollowed one of my old high school friends on Facebook because she flooded my feed with pictures of guns. I don’t like the NRA and don’t care about guns. I got tired of scrolling past a hundred gun photos to find other people’s posts.

    AJ Sterkel recently posted: The Hogwarts Tag
    • It really does. And exactly! It’s all about personal preference and if you don’t like the content, then you don’t need to keep seeing it if you don’t want to!

  4. I can’t even fathom caring enough about my followers to have one of those apps that tells me who unfollows me. I mean, what purpose does that serve other than to make you feel crappy or to make you feel bitter towards that person? I agree with the reasons you unfollow above. I am picky about my feed on bookstagram — I want to either be friends with them or love their posts, and if it’s not either, I don’t follow or will unfollow. Following too many people just makes it impossible to interact with those you REALLY want to interact with!

    • Lol right?? Like why give yourself a reason to get upset when it’s entirely unnecessary? And yes! Totally agree about bookstagram. It’s hard to not only keep up with ONE social media platform and all the people you follow, but most of us have a few different pages on different platforms. It can become so overwhelming!

  5. I agree with most of these. I do a book tag once a week so those don’t bother me. But honestly I hate the giveaways on instagram where you have to tag three friends. Like I don’t need that showing up in my feed. Thanks. I’d also add that I’ll unfollow your blog if it’s a bookblog and you consistantly use incorrect grammar. I don’t mean a typo on your phone. I mean subject verb agreement that spellcheck would have caught if you’d slowed down and taken your time to write your post. It’s a personal thing.

    • I don’t mind those instagram giveaways but ONLY if tagging your friends is a) optional and b) my IG friends don’t all tag me on all of them. And that’s a really interesting reason but I totally agree! Typos happen but bigger errors like that drive me nuts too.

  6. I often unfollow people too! For all of the reasons you listed! Also if we have completely different views and they’re more aggressive or forceful with their views then I may unfollow them. I also unfollow people that post TOO much because they’re clogging up my feed, especially if it’s about stuff that I’m not really interested in hearing about. And on twitter if they RT people ALL the time then I may unfollow them because that’s just annoying to read. I had to recently unfollow someone because it felt like they would retweet their whole feed every day, and all I was getting was their retweets.

    Very valid points Austine!

    Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted: So you like to read fairytale retellings?
    • Oh yes, the serial RT-ers and feed spammers lol. Also good reasons. When it comes down to it, it’s all subjective and it’s just social media. Not the end of the world (though some may disagree haha).

      Glad you liked the post 🙂