Where Do You Find Books to Read/Buy Online?

POSTED ON March 5, 2018 BY Austine IN General

I was speaking with Kelly from BookCrushin earlier today about instagram and where do we, as book promoters, see the most “sales” for the books we share. It got me thinking about how many of us are on all sorts of social media platforms, including blogs (like this one).

Now I don’t know about y’all, but I have honestly no idea which platforms are actually effective at promoting books. Sure, I post on them but are some of them worth my time? Well, I wanted to find out and share the results with all of y’all!

I put together a survey that will take no more than 1 minute to complete. I want to know which media platforms you tend to find the books you want to read/buy on. I know, probably not the easiest of questions and there are other factors that play into those decisions but this is a more general look at it! There’s a place at the end to add any of those additional factors that play a role in your decision to read/buy a book.

The results will be shared here in another blog post once the survey is over!

If you’re interested in the results, sharing this survey (either the form or this blog post) would be greatly appreciated!

(Can’t see all the options on the form? CLICK HERE to go to the form directly!)

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6 responses to “Where Do You Find Books to Read/Buy Online?

    • Haha that’s great! One of the things I’m seeing with this form is that a big factor for people deciding what books to read or buy is WHO is promoting it which is pretty cool that we, as a community, can have that kind of impact!

  1. This was very interesting to think about. It seems I mostly decide to read books based on blog posts or just looking around in Goodreads to see what other people are reading.