2018 is the Year of Shopping Affiliate

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the expenses that go into running a blog. For me, that means self-hosting and giveaways, primarily. The former is a bit more costly but only comes around once a year, the latter builds up quickly.

Running a blog isn’t always cheap.

At least, not for the things I use. Anything I can do to offset the costs of blogging, buying books that I talk about, etc. is a good idea in my book. So I considered monetizing the blog.

One problem: I HATE ads. I don’t like seeing them all over the place and I’m not likely to visit a website again if I see a bunch because they can be annoying. But I remembered affiliate links and thought, “Oh, those aren’t obnoxious. I could do that.”

A few weeks ago, I signed up for the Amazon Affiliate Program, meaning that when I link to a product on Amazon and someone clicks on it, I receive a (very) small commission for any purchases they make within a certain time period. I already link to Amazon for book purchase links, this would be easy money!

Except not really.

Affiliate commissions are SUPER small and you have to get decent traffic to make very much. Often, it’s not worth it. NovelKnight is at a place where I’m starting to get enough traffic to make a difference so I thought it couldn’t hurt to try it out. In the last few weeks since signing up, I’ve made enough to ship a giveaway prize to someone.

This made being an Affiliate worth it.

If I could make enough to offset some giveaway costs, I could host more giveaways. I could do more things for my readers. It’s not a lot of money, but a little bit helps.

[bctt tweet=”I’m shopping affiliate in 2018 to support my fellow bloggers!” via=”no”]

I’m shopping affiliate in 2018!

I realized that if I could make a little money from the work I put into my blog, so could other bloggers and I bet there are others who are affiliates too! I went to Twitter and asked who out there was an affiliate for a bookseller and started to get a few names to save for later.

Shopping through affiliate links costs NOTHING.

I can click on someone’s link, buy the books I planned on getting, and keep on rolling at no additional cost to myself AND those purchases will help support someone else in the community. Plus (this may be different per site) some affiliate programs give a person commission for ANY purchases you make through their link within a certain time frame so even if you don’t buy whatever product they linked, you can still help them out.

Is it worth making the effort to shop affiliate? Personally, I think so. Blogging is hard. We put in a lot of time and work to do what we do. We’re a community and this is just one more way to support each other!

How do you feel about affiliate links? Do you shop using them? Are you an affiliate for anything?

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18 responses to “2018 is the Year of Shopping Affiliate

    • Thanks! And yes, super simple to support each other, right? I wish I’d started doing it sooner (I buy SO much stuff from Amazon especially >.< )

  1. This is something I’ve contemplated as well, but at this juncture I don’t have thousands of followers, so I haven’t pursued it very heavily. Always in the back of my mind though. And I agree with you about the ads. It’s one of the many reasons I’d like to switch to self-hosting, as you suggested.

    That said, you make a great point about supporting other bloggers by purchasing through their links. To ensure I understand, if I want something on Amazon, I can go through any affiliate link on a blog, and then search for the item I actually want and they’ll get a cut of those items? I don’t have to buy the item they linked to for them to benefit?

    • Yeah I didn’t start using affiliate links until VERY recently and I still have lower traffic than most who likely use it lol. But it’s something!

      As far as I know, that’s how it works because I checked my own Affiliate page and there’s a bunch of stuff listed as being purchased that I don’t have links for on my blog so I’m assuming people went to those afterward! I believe you just have to go through one of their affiliate links to start.

  2. Jessica @ Strung out on Books

    I’ve tried amazon’s affiliate program, but I never got enough clicks/purchases to make anything. Hopefully, when my site gets bigger it will be worth it. I’m glad you’ve found success! I’ll definitely be keeping this in mind — it’s so easy to just find a blog you love and click their affiliate links when buying books instead of just clicking straight to amazon. Great post!

    • I’m sure you’ll get there soon, and thanks! And yes, it really is! I wish I’d considered it sooner, I’ve bought so many things from Amazon over the years lol

  3. Jen

    Oh this is such a great post! For the last year I’ve always clicked on affiliate links for a few of the blogs I follow, before I purchase books, pull-ups or anything else I was ordering on Amazon. But in the last few months they have either stopped blogging or they don’t use affiliate links anymore. I’m definitely up for finding new blogs to click on before I purchase something on Amazon.

    • That’s great! I think I linked it in the post but I asked around on Twitter and a bunch of people responded that they’re affiliates if you wanted to check that out for future purchasing and all that! It’s so great to hear of someone who’s been doing this!!

  4. I love this! I don’t typically shop affiliate. Not because I don’t want to support bloggers but because I add books to a “to buy” list and then just search for them on Amazon myself later. I should really put more effort into using affiliate links this year.

    • I usually do the same thing but I’m going to try and use affiliate links to start off now. I think of you click on a link and then make any purchases (maybe even from a list?) within 24 hours they count so that might work for you!