Life Updates and 2017 Hiatus

POSTED ON October 13, 2017 BY Austine IN Update

I’m burned out.

And I mean really burned out. I’ve had blogging slumps (honestly I don’t know anyone who hasn’t who’s been doing this for a while) and those were nothing compared to this. There’s a lot going on in my life right now that’s likely contributing to this so I can’t pinpoint the specific cause or this would be easier.

If y’all didn’t know, I’m a full-time graduate student. I’m working to become a science teacher and this spring is my student teaching semester. But even this semester is super busy. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I’m doing right now and can’t wait for student teaching, but it’s a definite time suck in terms of doing other hobby-type things.

I’m working on a novel. In fact, I’ve been working on this story idea since I started college 6 years ago as an undergrad. I just haven’t had the time to devote to it, not creatively at least. My undergrad years sucked the creativity out of me and when I finally got it back I was so excited. . . until a million new things came up. So I have that going on.

(P.S. if you’re participating in NaNoWriMo you can totally add me a as a writing buddy! I participate every year!)

There’s this candle business I’m working to open. If y’all follow me on social media you’ve probably see me post about it recently. I love making candles! It’s honestly super relaxing and lets me clear my head after a long day. But it’s work — a LOT of work. Each candle has to be tested for the container and wick size, for the fragrance(s) used, how good it smells cool, when it’s burning, etc. There’s a lot of factors and getting it right takes time, which I’m in short supply of right now. BUT I’m moving forward and have revealed my business name and temporary logo on social media. You’ll be able to find it as @Inkwicks on all major platforms (though I believe I only have Instagram and Twitter public at the moment).

Finally, there’s the community. I’m not going to lie, the book community on social media has been a contributor to this decision. I log on each day and there’s a lot of book love, but also a lot of negativity, drama, etc. It’s not a single person or a group of people, it’s just overall not somewhere I want to spend much time anymore which is a shame because the social media side of things is where I had the most fun and connected with the most people.

But in the end it comes back to time. I haven’t had much time or energy to read which kind of puts the blog on hold until I do get that time. I don’t even know what to post about anymore beyond book reviews.

Hint hint, if y’all have suggestions of what you want me to talk about, leave a comment 😉

I’m not going to quit blogging. I thought about it. A lot, actually. Back in September I almost didn’t renew my web hosting for NovelKnight. The only reason I did was because I made a commitment to several books coming out later this year that I didn’t want to suddenly back out on because I stopped blogging.

So. Official announcement. I’m going on a blogging hiatus until the end of 2017 and will return for my blogoversary at the beginning of January.

Now this doesn’t mean I won’t post AT ALL. What you can expect from me for these next 2.5-ish months:

  • Blog tour posts
  • Scheduled posts (I have some author interviews and such that will be going live)
  • Book reviews (may be sporadic but I have books for review and plan to still feature them)
  • Social media
    • Okay this one is up in the air. I’m already a bit scattered in terms of my postings so the minimum you’ll see will be scheduled content for those blog posts that do go up and possibly other scheduled content. I know myself well enough that I won’t be able to stay off Twitter and Instagram at the very least so I’ll likely still be posting there but to what degree of activity I can’t say.

I hope y’all understand and I look forward to being back in action in the spring. I’m excited to take these couple months off and just enjoy reading again, bring back that spark that got me started in this community in the first place.

If you need to contact me for any reason, I HIGHLY recommend either emailing or private messaging on either Twitter or Instagram. I get notifications for those and it’s more likely that I’ll see it rather than a comment on a post.

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  1. I can totally relate. You have a ton of stuff on your plate right now. I’m about to be in the exact same boat (welllll maybe already am, to some extent, minus the school part – that starts in January, hehe). Take care of yourself. I can’t wait to see your candles!

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