Mini Review – The Equals by Daniel Sweren-Becker

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Mini Review – The Equals by Daniel Sweren-Becker

The Equals

by Daniel Sweren-Becker
Series: The Ones #2
Published on September 12, 2017
Genres: Dystopian, Young Adult
Pages: 320
Format: ARC, Paperback
Source: Publisher
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What happens when your own government turns against you?

The Equality Team continues to round up and subject The Ones--the 1% of the American population who were genetically engineered in vitro--to a vaccine that will level the playing field. Desperate to save her boyfriend James from this fate, Cody flees into the wild to seek assistance from a shadowy rebel group dedicated to equal rights for the Ones at any cost.

But when she grows closer to a radical named Kai, she's brought deeper into the fold, only to realize the group's leader has a secret plan more dangerous than Cody could have imagined--something that could change the course of the Ones' future.

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I hadn’t actually planned on reading this one after disliking The Ones but I broke down and gave this one a try. Once again I was disappointed with this book and the world the author has created.

While the world-building wasn’t far fetched in terms of reality and the potential future ahead of us, there was nothing to make it stand out in the dystopian genre for me. The last book featured a lot of disjointed scenes; this one was just predictable. I guessed what happened at each turn and finally resorted to skimming and gained just as much from that.

Cody and James still haven’t grown on me. Neither is anything more than a name on the page. I felt like you could throw them into just about any dystopian (or contemporary, honestly) book and they’d fit right in. They weren’t special, but devices to make it a story.

I can see how readers may enjoy these books nowadays, especially, as they aren’t so out there that they’re unbelievable, but I can’t say that I found them enjoyable. Quick, certainly, but reaffirming of my opinion on the genre. I don’t know if I’ll read anything else by this author in the future but likely not if it’s dystopian.

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