#ArmchairBookExpo Day 2: What Do Readers Want

POSTED ON June 1, 2017 BY Tia Jenkins IN Discussion

Today, one of our topics for Armchair BEA is What Do Readers Want and I figured I could talk about what I look for in books, how I rate them, and basically what speaks to me as a reader.

I’m one of those horrible book lovers who buys books based on covers. I can seem to help it! Those pretty covers are just too tempting to resist…however, I promise that’s not the only reason I buy the book. For me, when I walk into the book store, the first thing I see are the covers, but the second I see is the synopsis. If the blurb on the inside (or on the back depending on the book) doesn’t grab me, regardless of the genre, I probably won’t get it. I want books that grab me immediately, and that starts at the store. In regards to when I get home with the book…I want a whirlwind romance that isn’t insta love, a mystery that will leave me guessing until the very end, and writing the sucks me in so hard that I stumble out of the story, breathless. I just want a book that is diverse, preferably own voices, with outstanding representation, an amazing story, and relatable characters. Basically, I just want authors to DO THEIR RESEARCH. (gosh this is all over the place…) What I’m trying to say is that if it’s go unique and well written story, I’ll probably enjoy it.

As far as rating goes, I’ve adapted my rating system to go along with how we rate here at NovelKnight. Before I wouldn’t take into account all the things that goes into our rating system, but now I’m more critical of my how I rate certain things, like the cover and writing style, characters themselves, and plot. There is so much more that goes into a rating than I thought when I first started reviewing 4 years ago. I didn’t read the same way I do now. I notice things now and I guess what I look for in a book is for me to have nothing to be overly critical of. What I want is to be able to immerse myself so fully into a book that it’s not even a question what I’m going to rate it.

All of this ties together to create a good experience with reading a book. That’s all any reader wants I’m sure. To be able to relate to a character and love a story so much they rave about it to others. I know it’s hard to please everyone, but authors need to be more diverse about the topic of their book, their characters, and everything in between. Diversity is NOT a bad thing! In fact, it’s probably the best thing ever. Humans are a diverse race, and that needs to be represented in our literature. In our lives.

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