Kicking Off #ArmchairBookExpo with an Introduction!

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Well hello there. Welcome to NovelKnight, my blog baby. Which is probably a weird thing to say but let’s go with it. If you’re familiar with the blog already then you probably know who I am, but for all you newcomers out there, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Austine, I’m a twenty-something book blogger of 6 years and creator/owner of NovelKnight Book Reviews. You’ll often find me with either a notebook or novel in hand, both of which I carry with me for creative “emergencies.” Red panda and dragon obsessed. For the Harry Potter nerdigans, you’re talking to a Slytherin and Horned Serpent (clearly there’s a snake theme going on there…).

Hiss hiss

Hmm… let’s see. Well, I’m also a full-time grad student working on a M.ed. in Science Education, also have 2 part-time jobs and the blog on top of that. I’m a fantasy writer in the midst of two novel-length projects.

You know, I literally JUST did a “Facts” thread on Twitter the other day so I’ll just link that here too in case you want to know anything else that I don’t mention here.

You’ll get to meet my co-blogger, Tia, in a post in a little bit so make sure to stop back, and oh, okay, probably should mention those lovely social media things.

It’s super easy to keep up with me and Tia! Just check the sidebar for our media pages. I like to hang out on Twitter especially but you’ll find me on other sites as well so feel free to say hello!

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Okay… but what is Armchair Book Expo?

Now, are you staring at the screen because you have NO idea what Armchair Book Expo is? Fear not, my friends! Allow me to explain

If you’ve been in the community for a bit you may have heard of BEA/Book Expo America (now shorted to just Book Expo) before. Big conference. Lots of book people. Happens once a year and hey, not everyone can go. Like me! But that’s totally fine because Armchair Book Expo exists for those of you who can’t attend!

This online event runs for the duration of Book Expo and BookCon from May 31st – June 4th. It’s open to all book lovers and you don’t have to participate in every aspect. It’s one of those do as much or as little as you want deals.

Each day there are different topics to discus on your blog (if you have one). There are also twitter parties, an instagram challenge each day, and participants have their own day to host giveaways too! Plus you can follow the #ArmchairBookExpo tag and go on a commenting spree to meet new people!

You can get the full schedule on the Armchair Book Expo website along with details on how to sign up!

This isn’t the first time I’ve participated in the event and I’ll just say that it’s a lot of fun and a great way to meet people so if you’re just discovering it, jump in!

So allow me to once again welcome you to NovelKnight and HELLO!

Are you participating?

Leave a link to your intro post on your blog or social media page in the comments!

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