An Overdue Update

POSTED ON May 12, 2017 BY Austine IN Update

I promise! I’m still alive.

I think. It’s up for debate sometimes.

It’s been a rough month and a half. I knew this was coming. Grad school tends to suck up all available free time and then some so by the time I get home I’m all for the naps and not for the work that is blogging. This can be almost like a job on its own at times (and I’m already working 2 jobs so…do I REALLY need a third?)

I mean, yeah. I’m not going to stop blogging or anything. I enjoy it far too much.

ANYWAY, I thought a general update was long overdue. So much has happened in the last few months that I can’t possibly sum it up and y’all get enough with the books usually through my social media pages (if you’re following me, at least lol) so I’ll keep it brief and do a more bookish update later when I have more time to put some real thought into it.

So. Books. In short.

I’ve been reading. A decent amount though not nearly as much as I’d hoped. Nearing 70 read titles for the year so far but I should be at twice that to keep with my Goodreads goal so… yeah, I’m behind. But that’s what summer is for, right? (Except when you’re taking 4 grad classes…)

Other Book Things

Well, doing the usual on social media (oh hey, yeah, I’m on like Twitter and Instagram and all those, links in the sidebar). Hosting a big giveaway leading up to my birthday (which is this coming week OMG).

OH! So I’ve been attempting to do better with bookstagram because it has been my nemesis for some time now and I actually had this idea for a DIFFERENT theme but didn’t want to change my current account theme-thing going on (it’s not REALLY a theme? but I try) so I made a NEW bookstagram account. Because why not.

And I LOVE IT. Like seriously, this new account has been SO much fun because it’s featuring title/opening pages of books instead of the covers and those pages are super important leading into a story but I know that as a reader, myself, I tend to ignore them too. Which is a shame. So new feature!

The new account is @THENOVELAGENDA and you can also find these images cross-posted to its own Facebook and Tumblr pages (same handle), as well as my Twitter account!

Life? Maybe?

I mean, most of my life outside the book world revolves around school so not terribly exciting. Finished with my first semester of grad school, managed all A’s which was amazing, and starting summer classes this coming Monday (woo!….heh). Ate an entire box of mac and cheese yesterday just because (had to change things up from the usual baked potato for lunch). I like my carbs. Cat washed his paws in my water glass again last night then proceeded to walk all over my pillow to bite my nose because gods forbid he doesn’t get a head rub in the middle of the night -_-

Bought a crap ton of books. Waiting for either my shelves to collapse or the entire floor to give out.

Think that’s it! I live a boring life XD

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