Giveaways for a Snowy Day

POSTED ON March 14, 2017 BY Austine IN Giveaway

For those of you living in the northeastern United States, you’re likely getting hammered with snow. If you’re lucky, you didn’t have to go anywhere today, but for those of you who have to travel through the snow, PLEASE BE SAFE!

Now, snow is fun and all but you know what’s even MORE fun? FREE BOOKS (and other bookish stuff). So I decided to put together a list of all the giveaways I could find online right now.

Hosting a giveaway? Saw one online that isn’t on the list? Leave a comment so I can add it!

I’ll be updating this list as more are found/added so check back for new giveaways!

I’ll do my best to keep these as organized as possible (but we’ll see how that goes…)

Blog Giveaways


Twitter Giveaways


Instagram Giveaways


Facebook Giveaways

Know of any? Let me know!

Know of any others?

Leave a comment with the link!

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