Did You Know There’s a Person Behind This Blog?

POSTED ON February 25, 2017 BY Austine IN Update

I mean, OBVIOUSLY, there’s someone typing all those reviews and feature posts. Two people, actually (if you haven’t, go give Tia a follow!). I realized it’s been a while since I posted a general update. Y’all hear about books all week long but hey, I do other stuff…kind of 😅

You may recall that I originally had applications for a co-blogger because of grad school. It’s two months into classes and it is FANTASTIC. Definitely a different experience from my undergraduate years but that’s more due to the content area versus the class structure. It’s really interesting learning about the education system of the U.S. from the other side, as an educator instead of a student. There are a LOT of problems that teachers are trying to fix but it’s slow going. Hopefully those get better in the future!

Oh, guess it makes more sense if I mention I’m pursuing my master’s in science education right now… (biology focus).

Between college and my job and running the blog, that’s a lot of my time taken up but I’m still writing and I REALLY really want to try #PitchWars come the end of summer! With that, I’ve begun trying to focus on my writing a bit more since it took a backseat while I was getting everything in order to go back to school.

Y’all, I love book blogging. Been at it for years. But this year, I really want to go somewhere with my writing too so you may notice me cutting back here JUST a little. Not much though because yay reading!

In my attempt to get more serious about all this novel business, I’ve set up a couple pages that you can follow me on (or pester me to write things because that’s also totally a good option):

New Writing Blog!


I’ll be posting about once every week or so on my new writing blog about all manner of things. These posts aren’t meant to be super long or super heavy. Just insights on my work I’ve gained as I go, anything I found interesting in the book world (unrelated to blogging), and whatever else comes to mind.

If there’s something you’d be interested in hearing about from me, I’m absolutely open to ideas and suggestions!

Social Media is a Thing

And for those of you who like to chill on social media, I’ve set up a couple non-bookish accounts that feature a lot of cute animals (and some writing stuff too)


Twitter                   Instagram


Hopefully by the end of 2017 I have competed in #PitchWars (whether I get farther than the initial round or not), or at the very least have a finished manuscript to query! Plus, you know, blogging ❤️

I want to hear from you!

Are you a writer? A reader? Just checking out the blog?

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  1. So glad to hear you’re planning on doing Pitch Wars! I tried it last year and didn’t get in, but I had tons of fun meeting people in the process. The participant Facebook group we made is actually still active. What do you write?

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