The Very Best Books of 2016 (Link-Up)!

POSTED ON January 6, 2017 BY Austine IN Discussion, Other

Hello, hello everyone! So far all this week we’ve been talking about the community about our goals for the new year, and everything in between here on NovelKnight. And today, we want to reach out to you all and see what you thought were the best books of 2016!

So…what do we need YOU to do?

Add links to your favorite reviews of 2016 (doesn’t have to be for new releases) to the link-up below! Just use the TITLE and AUTHOR (and SERIES if you want) for your link so we know what book we’re visiting!

These don’t have to be YOUR reviews! They can be ones you read that someone else wrote that you want to share! You can also include Goodreads reviews if you want!

Don’t worry if the title of the book is already listed! You can add multiple reviews for the same book!!!

So fly, lovelies, fly! And bring back your favorites of 2016!

Don’t forget to go blog-hopping once you add your review link(s)!!!

Your to-read pile looks lonely.
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