November Challenges Week 2.5 // Now Watch Me Write, Now Watch Me Fa-Fail

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novemberchallengesLet’s just say it’s been a rough week and a half, if the fact that I couldn’t even do a proper update post over the weekend is any indication. Ever since last week, I just haven’t had the motivation to read, to write, to blog, to do anything really.

I’m not even going to bother with the bookstagram challenges I was trying to do. I think bookstagram is great and all but a month-long challenge with two other writing challenges is definitely too much. I tried. I failed. Moving forward.

(I’ll still be taking pretty pictures here and there just not for the challenges this month. Need to focus on other things such as…)


Well, before I get to the big one, #bookblogvember is actually going alright. I’m definitely behind but I haven’t stopped prepping and writing blog posts so that’s still better than nothing at all. The latest (published) posts for your reading pleasure include:

The Impostor Queen by Sarah Fine

A review of a book that just didn’t quite meet what I was looking for in a YA fantasy.

Author Interview with Robert Eggleton

Self explanatory. I picked apart yet another writerly mind.

When a Lady Deceives by Tara Kingston

A romance that had high hopes but fell a bit short (seeing a theme this week?)

The Hogwarts Mini Challenge (#BeatTheBacklist)

That’s right! Read books. Earn points. Win the house cup!

Shadows and Dreams by Matthew Cody

I gave the first episode of the ReMade serial story a go and it was alright. More to come!

Shadow Fall by Audrey Grey

In case you ever wanted to know what would happen if you did a mash-up of all the YA dystopian greats.



Alright, here it is, the biggest challenge this month for me: NANOWRIMO.

This has been a struggle.

I’m currently sitting at close to 10k words behind and we’re already past the halfway point so not looking good. I know, I know, turn the internal editor off. Just write. Yeah, my mind doesn’t really work like that so it tends to be a bit harder.

So today other than this blog post, I’ll be focusing all on the novel in the hopes that I can start to catch up again. To be honest, it wouldn’t be so hard if I COULD turn the editor in my head on mute. Fast typing + outline = story. It’s there, just need to push past the mental blocks.

In the meanwhile, I thought that instead of sharing an excerpt (which you can read on my NaNoWriMo profile), I’d do something a little different.

10 Facts About Project Dreadsong

1. Giving roses to a woman (or anyone, really) is a HUGE insult.

2. Dragons are extinct (for now…).

3. The continent where the story takes place has a full map (because I got bored).

4. My protagonist’s mission is her “dreadsong” (yes, that is purposefully vague).

5. The story idea began with “a scholar, a soldier, and a sorcerer walk into a bar.”

6. One of the characters has the ability to pick up on languages/sounds quickly (and it’s ELEMENTAL magic).

7. There is a fox. It’s cursed. That is all.

8. Someone important will die.

9. All 3 main characters are either POC or LGBTAQ+ (or both). Not planned. Just… happened.

10. This story is a complete revamp of my first novel (a 110k-word monstrosity).


How are your November challenges going?

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