November Challenges Week 1 // Or As I Like to Call It, 5 Days of Insanity

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The first week of November has come and gone, ensuring that these last 5 days have been absolutely insane. So… how’d it go?



Well this was an absolute trainwreck. First day kicked off well with hitting the initial goal of 1,667 words within a few hours of midnight. After that, things didn’t go as well…

For 4 days I sat and wrote the starting scenes for the first three chapters which each feature a different character’s point of view so they were like their own openings for mini books. But last night (on the 5th) I realized that it just wasn’t working for me. I was forcing myself to write a scene that didn’t fit the story or the character, like trying to shove a puzzle piece in the final spot but it doesn’t belong.

Last night, I scrapped everything I’d written for that first chapter (don’t worry, in true NaNo fashion I didn’t delete it, just used the strike-through feature to mark it for deletion or serious editing later) and I opened a new scene in Scrivener and wrote.

Now I’m over 1k in on this new opening and it’s going SO much better so clearly whatever garbage I tried to write before was never meant to be. And after being behind the word count goal for 3 days, I’m all caught up!




Of all the challenges this month I actually thought this one would give me the most trouble. I tend to obsess over projects so when NaNoWriMo comes around it tends to dominate my focus. But I’m proud of myself. I managed to write and publish 4 blog posts, as well as draft a 5th for a later publication date.

Things are sort-of on track for my intended list. The only change so far is that I reviewed a book that was neither a backlist title nor a NetGalley book.

  • 1 guide to NaNoWriMo
  • 5 discussion posts
  • 4 5 challenge update posts (to go live throughout the month)
  • 13 NetGalley title reviews
  • 5 backlist TBR title reviews
    • decreased by one for non-backlist/NG title

And to prove I’m not just faking it,  you can check out my 4 published posts (y’all will just have to wait on the unpublished review) 😉

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So I actually ended up adding 2 additional challenges to my original plan of just 1 because clearly I’m insane. But so far so good! Some of the pictures I’ve been able to count for multiple daily prompts which has helped.

If you’re looking to jump in on one of the challenges, you can see them below:


And if you’re curious how I’ve been completing the challenge, here are my challenge pictures for the week!



How are your November challenges going? Did you post an update too?
Leave a link in the comments!


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