Co-Blogging: Yay or Nay?

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Late (K)night Chats is a new series on NovelKnight dedicated to discussions and ramblings that come about from the late hours of the evening (or early hours of morning if you like to look at it that way). I have a tendency to stay up well past when I should, contemplating this or that, so now you can join in!


I was inspired to write about this after reading two posts regarding the subject on Pages Unbound Reviews and Rantings, Ravings, and Ramblings. When I first got into the book bloggerverse in 2011, co-blogging wasn’t all that popular. One person ran one blog and it worked. As book blogging grew, I noticed a change in the bloggers too. As mentioned in the posts I linked, there seems to be a bigger pressure on bloggers for what kinds of content they post and how involved they are. My initial reviewing days revolved around writing my thoughts about the books I’d read recently or received through a request. Sometimes I’d post promotional content at the author’s request but cover reveals and blog tours never made an appearance. That was high school so my schedule was decently busy but I could manage the blog easily.

Nowadays, reviewing is the least of my worries. As an independent blogger, I manage all the social media pages for this blog and the content that gets posted to them. I make the graphics, schedule the posts for the coming week, check and reply to comments regularly. It’s at minimum a part-time job on its own.


Why don’t you have a co-blogger?

Co-blogging is a great idea. Everything about it sounds fantastic: you’re splitting the workload, you get a new friend to share in the book obsessiveness, and it can be a lot of fun.

I’ve had co-reviewers and co-bloggers in the past. The reviewers started off strong but once they realized there was more to reviewing than just “I really loved it,” they dropped off the face of the earth. It happens.

My co-blogging experience wasn’t as great. We planned to start a blog from scratch together so that it had both of our influences. Great friends, similar reading tastes, and similar personalities. So what happened? I cared about the blog. She didn’t.

I think having a co-blogger is great if it works for you. There are a lot of benefits for all those involved. If you’re on the fence about it, I would think about whether or not you can work with someone else. If you’re like me, my blog is my baby. I built it up and made it into something that fits my style and vision for a book review blog. It can be hard sharing something like that with someone else. So take some time to consider it before jumping in. If you decide to look for a co-blogger, have an application. Get an idea of their writing style. Talk to them about more than just books and see what their personality is like and whether it meshes with yours. Co-bloggers can be a great way to add diverse content to your blog so be open to that, but also set forth what you expect of them.

Ultimately, though, you won’t know if you work well with someone until you try. Post your application, talk to those interested, and see where it goes from there. Maybe it’s for you, maybe it isn’t.

I can’t say I’m for or against co-blogging. Personally, I’d love to have someone to share NovelKnight with however past experience has me hesitating on that front. I’ve started small and opened a form to allow guest reviews to the blog so for those still unsure, that might be one way to test the waters and see how it feels.


What are your thoughts on co-blogging?


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2 responses to “Co-Blogging: Yay or Nay?

  1. I’m sorry your experiences with co-blogging sucked! I don’t know if I’d enjoy it either — it feels like having a roommate, and I don’t like ones who don’t pull their weight, you know?

    • That’s a lot of what it’s like! Sometimes it’s great but other times you can’t get them to take out the trash or wash their dishes. It happens. Just have to find the right person if you’re going to do it!

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