#FF & 10 Reasons I Love Fantasy

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10 Reasons You Love Your Fave Genre

This might be a little too similar to my 7 Reasons I Read My Favorite Genre posted back in February but here it goes!

Dragons. Always dragons.


Magic (duh).


Cross-dressing strong heroines.


Epic adventures (sometimes on a global scale).


The hero doesn’t always get everything.
A whole new world! And another! And another!


Mythology is still alive.


It’s nice to get away from reality for a while.


Anything can (and usually does) happen.


I can see endless possibilities ahead of me.


Why do you love your favorite genre?

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16 responses to “#FF & 10 Reasons I Love Fantasy

    • Aww, thanks! And I’m sure your list is just as good because no matter what, we love our favorite genres for our own reasons! ^_^

  1. Kat

    Love your list, and I’m happy to say that I was able to identify most of the GIFs. Major spoiler for Game of Thrones with that fifth one, though I guess most people have either read/watched it or had someone spoil it for them by now! Anyway, I am also a huge fantasy fan and wrote about it this week. New follower via email!

  2. Excellent list! I also just adore your site set up. It’s so soothing! I haven’t read any fantasy besides the urban kind in a while. I look forward to checking out your recommendations!

  3. Mythology for. the. win.
    What’s not to love there?? ^.^

    I absolutely love your list. New follower on bloglovin! I love your blog, can’t believe i wasn’t following it already :O

    Thank you for passing by my FF as well 🙂

    Ella recently posted: Coffee in Two
  4. Those are all good reasons! Especially dragons (naturally) and mythology- two favorites. 🙂 Fantasy is definitely my fave genre too- just so many possibilities. Great list!

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #145