#FF & Biggest Pet Peeves with Books

POSTED ON March 11, 2016 BY Austine IN Discussion, Weekly


What are some of your biggest pet peeves with books?

Aside from the glaringly obnoxious love triangle that continues to appear in a lot of young adult fiction, I think one of my biggest issues is the addition of romance as a subplot when it’s not needed or really warranted (also add poorly-written romance subplots). Don’t get me long, I love romances both as a genre and subplot; however, there are just some times that it’s not needed and feels forced, as if the author just adds it to make the book sell better. Or the characters hate each other and every action they’ve made leaves no indication of romantic inclinations, then WHAM! romance. If you’re going to include a romance in your story, I’m all in support of it, but write it well. Make me believe it. Or the book is going back on the shelf for good.



What are your biggest book pet peeves?

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