Review – Mirror of Shadows by T. Lynne Tolles

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Review – Mirror of Shadows by T. Lynne Tolles

Mirror of Shadows

by T. Lynne Tolles
Published on September 15, 2012 by Troll Publishing
Genres: Mystery, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult
Pages: 200
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Ella McKaye returns home for her grandmother's funeral to find she's inherited a ton of money and a run down mansion she never knew existed, called Grey Manor. Her greedy mother is appalled when the will stipulates specifically that Ella can't give her any of the inheritance. She quickly throws Ella out of her home forcing her to take up immediate residence in the spooky old mansion.

Within minutes of entering her new home she has a strange interaction with a creepy old mirror in the main hallway and the ghostly inhabitants of the past get more and more agitated the longer Ella's there. Nearly fatal back to back accidents make Ella start to wonder if she's angered some ghost or if there is something more sinister at work.

Will Ella unravel the deadly mystery before she becomes a ghost herself? Or will fate take another one of the Grey ancestors to the grave?

This book was provided by the Author for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Mirror of Shadows was…interesting. While I finished it fairly quickly, I wasn’t really sure what to think of it afterwards. To start, Tolles created a likeable cast. Ella isn’t an airhead (always a plus) and is, in fact, quite independent. She read as more mature than her age at times and I found her easy to relate to. The second corner of the little triangle that formed is Jeremy, who I liked quite a bit. He had the whole quiet, tough guy act going but wasn’t all about being Mr. Handsome coming to Ella’s rescue. Jeremy’s relationship with Ella also didn’t annoy me and His competition, Matt, on the other hand, I could’ve done without. But I can’t forget the adorable kitten Boo, who may be my favorite character of them all. The character interactions were predictable at times but overall, they gave an extra dimension to the plotline.

The story itself was wrought with twists and turns. Mirror had more than enough mystery for two books and a creepy vibe at that. While I liked the general story concept and execution, the ending’s what got me. It was like build up…build up…build up….WALL OUT OF NOWHERE. Tolles took her time developing the rest of the story and drawing it out but the ending felt very rushed. I felt there was something missing from the ending, perhaps material for a sequel as Mirror had potential to continue into a series. Other than the ending, this book had a very nice set up for a good story.

If you are a fan of the paranormal and have already gotten your daily dose of vampire, tryMirror of Shadows out. It’s one of those books you can sit down and read in a day, perfect for a day at the beach or maybe even an evening in an old mansion of your own (just don’t forget to wait for a thunderstorm). I’d recommend Mirror to all ages looking for a quick, easy spooky read. And who knows? Perhaps we’ll see a book two in our crystal balls soon enough.

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