10 Goals for 2017

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A new year is also a time for resolutions, for goals toward the coming months to strive toward. Each of us came up with our 5 big ones for the year!

Have a similar goal? Planned yours out? We’d love to hear in the comments, and leave a link if you made a post so we can stop by!


Austine’s Goals

Read at least 50 books off my shelves

(and 50 from my eBook library).

I’ve let my TBR get way out of control in the last couple years. College didn’t help but I didn’t make as much of an effort with it either. I want to get back to reading more, where the vast majority of my free time is spent turning pages. And it’s not as if I don’t have plenty of books to fulfill this goal. Or eBooks for that matter. The one-click addiction is real, y’all, and I have it BAD. My Kindle and Nook are overflowing with unread books, most of them indies as well, so time to give them a little love too.

Buy fewer books.

I bought WAY too many books this year. Like my wallet was constantly crying, my room is overflowing, I have more books than I could possibly read in a year even if I ignored new releases. So….serious book buying ban underway. Only ones I’m allowing myself to get (because I know buying ZERO books won’t work for me) are those that fall within my top 20 anticipated titles for the YEAR. Or anything I pre-ordered in 2016. Yeah. It’s going to be rough.

Stick with a bullet journal for at least a year.

I decided to do this sometime in December and start with the new year and I’m already addicted. But I know I also have a slightly obsessive personality so it may just because it’s the new thing in my life. But I’m determined to make a habit of using the journal for this year to stay on top of things because I need to keep organized if I’m going to survive this year. I love lists. Bullet journals are basically lists all in one place. Just have to stick with it!

Get better at bookstagram.

I’ve already started working on this but I really want to improve my bookstagram feed. I don’t adhere to a specific aesthetic or theme (though I’ve thought about it time and again) but I want to take better pictures, be more mindful about what I’m capturing and promoting and not just what looks pretty. I want to promote the books I love that don’t get as much attention. This platform has so many possibilities and I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface.

Survive my first year in grad school.

This one is my only non-book/blog related goal because it’s the biggest thing in my life right now. I was accepted into the program in November and start a week from today which is CRAZY because when I graduated with my bachelor’s in May I never dreamed I’d be going into the program I am and this soon (I thought I’d have to wait at least a year due to acceptances and all that business). So this is huge. HUGE. I hope that it doesn’t affect my blogging but I have to put it first above all else as well.


Tia’s Goals

Read 60 books this year

This past year I didn’t read as much as I would have liked to. I let my life get in the way of what I loved and I don’t want that to happen again in 2017. That’s mostly why I decided to participate in BTB. It’s a fun year long challenge that will get me to start knocking books off my TBR that have been on there since before I started blogging.

Get more consistent in posting to bookstagram

I started my bookstagram in September of this year and the last couple of months I kind of let it go…I want to change that this year. Hopefully I will be working only one job this year and will have more time to take pictures. I now have the new Google Pixel and it takes WONDERFUL photos! So I’m really excited to test that out.

Get my license and buy my first car

This is a big goal for me this year. My grandmother is having knee surgery in February so I won’t have a ride to work anymore and I need to be able to drive myself. I have about half of the money I need saved for a car, so I’m hoping to have the rest by mid February.

Schedule more posts farther in advance

I’m really bad at writing my reviews/posts at the last minute so in 2017 I would really like to get in the habit of scheduling posts. I feel like it will alleviate a lot of stress haha

Stick to one planner/calendar

I have a habit of keeping about 5 planners around the house during the year, but it’s becoming a really expensive habit so this year I want to challenge myself to only use one planner and one wall calendar.


What are some of your goals for 2017?


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6 responses to “10 Goals for 2017

    • All the best to both of you in achieving these goals. 🙂
      I can relate to so many of them. Knocking off book from my tbr has number one priority for me in this year. This concept of bullet journal is really interesting to me and I honestly think I should try one too because I seriously need to be more organized. 🙂

      • It definitely wasn’t my #1 priority last year (but it should have been lol). And yes! I’ve found bullet journaling to be really helpful so far!